Sunday, January 04, 2009

simplicity is the best policy?

wow.its been 3 days now.2009 baby.i can't believe it either.but so far the head start was great.spoke to monkey (i'm addicted.but trying to be sober) spoke to azz (more or less,chatting) spoke to nadz.spoke to lilo.spoke to!this is amazing.i so love them.oh one more thing.i saw fireworks this year!i reaaaallly wanna go to the curve next year!seriously.i'm in love at first sight.i am happy and glad that things are going fine so far.hmmphh.i have s0oo many wishlist i've listed.resolutions etceteras.but i'm not gonna bore you with the lists here.but one thing for sure.i am gonna be simple this it cool.go with the flow.and just be myself.stop trying too hard and i'll try to keep it real.insyaAllah everything will be fine.simplicity is the next best policy? :)

welcome kick start :)

p/s:i still love my layout's s0o..ME =)

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