Saturday, January 31, 2009

she's the lucky girl

hey was a blessful morning yesterday.alhamdulillah nadz is now married to mr sofie.alhamdulillahhh..everything ran smoothly and sofie did it in only one lafaz.and nadz was like "Eh..dah ke?" by then,everyone was already 'tadah tangan' for doa.he he.anyways,nadz was the most prettiest girl on the set.of cos!with makeup by syarifah muriana.she wore a white beaded nikah dress.with fresh bouquet of roses in her hands.kaem,yatt,alia,een,via+mom,emmy,nazihah,idrina,ina and ayu was there to witness the beautiful ceremony held in masjid al-Ghufran, 9.45am,30th of January 2009,they are now officially married as a husband and wife=) congrats nadz and sofie.may Allah bless both of you and may you live happily ever after.insyaAllah.

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