Monday, January 19, 2009

quit messing aroun with me!

another heartbreaking monday.i am very very very sensitive when it comes to stabbing my back or stepping on me head (pijak kepala? :P) i can tell the moment u made a simple word out of lies.imagine this : at 11 am ,just a few hours earlier.i was eating breakfast with 'other' friends, i just heard the news.and i can't breathe.seriously.when my volcano is building up inside me,i CANNOT be in the same room with the person i hated most.i will end up explod ing or doing stupid things.and i mean really stupid like britney spears stupid.i dragged stella to daun cafe.i just could not stand it nor hold back.the only thing i could think of was to explode.i was supppperrrrr furios!! i bet the waiter was thinking that i had a bad fight with stella (stella was just sitting in front of me doing nothing.i told her that i could calmed myself down) i was shaking and sobbing like mad!after 20mins in tears.i started to feel stupid.but somehow,much better.i need to let it out la right?? but i got a bad news today.another horrifying story of my life.long story short..the 'angpow' i mentioned before (yes the bling bling angpow) : IS NOT WORTH IT compared to what i was suppose to get like my other collegues does.i am s0oo quitting my job!

its a damn cruel world here.i am not stupid hello?but at least spare me some dignity so i don't feel like i was ur damned stupid donkey.i am done.i am sicked and tired of your stupid games.and i am not gonna end up like YOU! with NO LIFE!and i don't think that its worth it to stay.and stop making me feel like i'm not fooking worth it!and YOU!may God spare you some mercy so that I can kick your dumb hinds!thanks mfs!!

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