Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm overdrugged

woww!!almost a week i tak blog!can u believe it?just got my laptop from formatting.dayme those weird windows installers whatsoever.i have to install allll my favourite softwares all over again.very maa fan! couldn't sleep last night.(no more reading books using the flashlight.coz i finished new moon;) ) did a henna tatoo of sakura while watching 'american got talent'? america's got talent..or whatsoever.boring.friday night is super boredom!

been coming back late from work had been hectic.boss is giving a hard time since there's a new enhancement coming in.less sleeps and rests nowadays.time is very very important.i don't think i can cope up with this work anymore.i need to find another 'alternatives'.oh!i just got back from low yatt & job fair.everyone was like "why do u wanna go to a jobfair??" i dunno.maybe i'm looking for opportunities in other countries.maybe japan,or australia.or canada?hahaha.but was s0oo crowded with homo sapiens.who are 'graping'.lol.and all those fresh grads and all.bohringgg i tell u!but i have to get to's my first time was s0oo stuffy!!well don't this my friends.its really really killing me and tiring.(i just ran 4miles in the morning and straight off to the job fair.the traffic was heavy and the parking sucks) so yeah.sakit pinggang and everything.but alhamdulillah.after swimming through the oceans of HUMANS (cewahh)..we reached to one lovely booth.hehe.(oh,i memang plan nak cari booth ni from the moment i entered the fair)

as soon as we arrived at the asian guy greeted us.turned out he's a since eti was there.we started to talk in japanese with this guy and the rest of the conversation was something like the one i had in tokyo.haha.natsukashi naa..i think my heart is somehow stucked somewhere in japan.still.i miss my life there.i miss talking in japanese.haihh..i wish i could go there again someday.maybe honeymoon (the last thing i could think of as a celebration) sebab if i wanna go with my own money,canada is definitely on top of the list now ;p but it made my day though.speaking to that japanese guy.i really miss japan now :(

oh u know what?! i just got back from low stucked in the traffic at star hill for almost an's all burned's exploding.just because baby bro wants to buy new lappy!all of us were 'dragged' to get him a superb specs of new lappy.jealousnye aku!my dad's buying it for his birthday.what the hoile?*yes saya seorang kakak yang pengjealous.tapi penyayang.and cute!haha* but kakak yang penyayang lagi cute ini..had decided to choose the best requirements for the notebook lah.he got 250gb HD!!,3GB RAM!!,Windows VISTA!!,Intel Centrino!!(nasib baik tak quad!grrr) and all the softwares were installed for free of course and i bargained for superrr cheap price okayy! (i kenyit2 mata with the bro yang jual..*sebab mata masuk habuk.lalala..*) it's only for rm2340! how cool is that?? dolby home theater surroundings okay.jealous nak mati kan?! dayme!i am s0o gonna buy pavvi!but wait till the right time comes la.not just that was my agenda today.happy : ran 4 miles,met nadz for 5mins,spoke in japanese. unhappy : tak dapat laptop baru :( oh well!boohooo erin! ;p gotta crash bed.super tired and need some eyes resting.have a nice weekends! much love!

p/s:i <3 chinese new year.i got huge angpow today.lets just say i could get front stand for jason mraz with that angpow.ehem2.can't waitt!!!

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