Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i wish i bumped into u

i was really heartbroken.but i made it through the day anyways.thanks friends.i miss nadz.i miss talking to her.i miss her kelam kabutness finding time to meet me in between her preparations.i'm a lousy friend.i should lend a hand in any ways i can.but those mfs are giving me a hard time remember?:( i miss azz.i miss her chillness.she is always chill although u know she's angry or she's freaking out.especially about her ring the other day.her face is always calm.i miss the three of us hanging out every single week we could squeeze in.i'm gonna miss them both.damn.sedih tiba2 :(

i bet i'm gonna cry on their nikah day.mental note: waterproof mascara + eyeliner on that day ;p but hey,cest la vie.hidup ini memang p**** tapi esok kan ada? :) my new year resolution : get a new job.serious doesnt matter sooner or long as i made my strong stand.who have thought i'll end up screwed.i love my job but i hate it at the same time.its a love hate relationship.haha.but i don't regret somehow.lets just call it "wrong turn".speaking of turn.its been a while.i haven't spoke to be's been 16days :D it's an achievement okay!lol.after that "do u have to pay if i call u?!"..terus dua2 diam :P but i've been busy fair.both are busy.but somehow i wished i bumped into him.maybe i'll give a ring on the 20th/21st day.i can be cold hearted you know ;) but easily melted.haha.ok.dah.need to get some sleep.i'm all tensed and tired from work and yet i'm blogging?oh,i made third layering again on my henna (as u can see in my fb) i'm getting addicted because i think i love my henna :P it's kind cool tho.maybe because it's my own design *haha!angkat bakul sendiri betul!* so free design anyone? ;) nite2.much love xx

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