Sunday, January 25, 2009

i see red.checkered.cute shuz!

great great weekends.esok cuti!i can get a l0onggg sleep!!!did my 3kms this morning.and yes.i felt heavier.and lazier to run another 2 laps.which i later found out!i gained weights!aiyayaii!! ni mesti sebab hari2 breakfast!and ate roti canai like 3 times a week!help!i need to cut down my breakfast.drink oats only.must must!dem!and i have to stop eating chocolates again!(i started to eat chocolates like 2 weeks ago.EVERYDAY!without fail!in fact,i wanna have another bite of that cadbury right now.erk!bad llama!) but maybe its 'the' hormones ;p so week can reduce balik.because i need skinnier jeans!;p becauseee..i bought this!

love at first sight.and does look like a tablecloth!haha.but i loike!i found a ggreat shop in rasta.they started with online boutique called Us US uS CLOTHING and they just opened a shop@Rasta.i went on the first day it's opened! i think that's MY kind of shop!my lapsap clothing!weehoo! ;) i somehow wish for a new go with the skinnier jeans (which still in the wish list) + checkered oversized shirt.and guess what?? i saw this super cuteness pumps!!! ;)

teeheeee =D

i terus i am double happy now.lately all these checkered stuffs hit my happy i bought this cute clutch too!

so denise,when is my cute shoes coming in? *haha!tak malu sungguh aku.but i know ur gonna gimme shoes kan?? :P * anyhoww..i had a GRREAATTT weekends!with great laksa,great desserts too.

pistachio pudding@ mandarin oriental,CNY lunch

heart sago with brown sugar@ aunty nat,CNY eve lunch

have a prosperous chinese new year and happy holidays people!!;) much love xx

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