Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i lap sap u <3!

series of there goes my savings down the drain :P

jason mraz no more *period* i had 'accidentally' bought another lapsap shirt.i mean another TWO ;p and when i was about to pay at the counter (waiting for mom a.k.a mrs backup accountant) i saw it!yes!that one last thing on my wish list yesterday.we are now complete!teeheee =D i found that skinny jeans baby!:D:D i terus grab jeans itu.sambil mengorek2 wallet dengan harapan budget tak lari.damn i should have a cc.mujur ada puan berseri merangkap backup accountant kite.he he.maka saya telah membeli itu jeans dengan bantuan emak kesayangann.. =)=)

left:me with stripes one piece and cardigan.below:green peas 3 quater sleeves one piece tshirt bought from bijou bazaar.deep purple short sleeves oversized shirt+hot pink oversized shirt.both from my recent shopping today.all paired with new skinny jeans ;) (i think i'm short so the skinny jeans looked a bit loose on the thighs :P )

i so 'lapsap' that hot pink shirt.i wanna buy a shocking green like this shirt paklan bought for me from japan.very lapsap green kan? :D i suka!but my parents said "berpinar mata mama" haha! very funny

seriously..i wanna buy that green one.but then i have to dig in my jason mraz money.erk!so if i use that money.then i have no money to go jason mraz.double erk!and i am (almost) broke now.but its okei..i am happy lor.coz i got what i wish for ;) haihh lapsap betul lah!seminggu tak sampai dah nak mc hammer broke (whitechicks.lol) blame the hormones *again* sekali arung beli..mana taknye.and mom did her shopping too!she said that 'that' bag is staring at her,begging for her to buy it.so dad's 'menggeleng' kepala.and the ladies dancing in their shoes!he he.off to bed now.have a lapsap holidays ;) much love xx

i know what lapsap meant.but for me,lapsap meant crazy colors+fashion;)

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