Thursday, January 29, 2009

henna not montana

series of she'll soon be mine *for sofie lah kan* :P

went to nadz house yesterday.its henna night :D there were alia,shoe,ayu,suhada and suhada's friend,nadira.we started slow.haha.because none of us had the experience to put henna on,on the other hand,is tipssyy!! nervous happy sad at the same time.suddenly rasa macam takbest.i know.i sound selfish kan.haha.but seriously..i remembered last time when i was leaving my mom for college.i made a HUGE fuss out of a small thing.we end up not talking *nicely* to each other before i left.but that's me.i tend to be emotionally disturbed when i'm about to leave someone.i will feel like 'not talking' to anyone.and at the end.i end up calling my mom in tears.sad kan? i remembered calling 'this' one guy.whom takde kena mengena dengan i..and talking to him in tears!because i missed my mom.bodoh kan? but tu lah..i 'hope' i can take this one coo-ley! :P so if u noticed me suddenly distanced.u know why ok :)

but anyways..we did the bunjut2 at nadz funny.looked like swollen fingers.then we let it dried for an hour (so kejap right??haha!) then we took it out and the fingers were not even close to orange :( maa fan! so had the tube henna and suhada was doing all nadz's toes,and we started to cover up her fingers with the tube henna mom gave to her.alhamdulillah.the fingers are superbly red.hehe.*fewh* but she need to put more tonight so that it's gonna be bright red for the BIG day tomorrow ;) wahhh!!suddenly i cannot breathe!!i dunno what to wear for tomorrow!helpppp! :P

and another 8 hours from now.she is getting married to the love of her life and i am in tears typing this.and feeling such emptiness,heart wrenching and i am so sad.

dear nadz..i surely gonna miss u.s0ooo much.its been forever that we known each other.i hope the new turning point of your life will not pull us apart (jangan harap!aku datang umah ko hari2 ketuk pintu.ajak makan rasta!lol) so i hope babe.that u will look fabulous tomorrow and saturday.and you gonna rock your socks out baby!!selamat pengantin baru.good luck to u and sofie as both of you are entering new phase of life.may Allah bless both of you till eternity =)

p/s: ni baru pre wed u tomorrow peeps.much love xx

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