Monday, January 05, 2009

get a room!

haish.i so hate this.sorry peeps.i hafta private my blog for a while.there's this weird entity just can't get their own room.sebuk nak leave a message at my tagboard plak.but harassing other people.i never kacau orang lain tau.suddenly nak menyebok not cool!get a room la weyh.suddenly i feel like blogging is no longer a bosan.i used to write whatever i want without involving strangers.stupid strangers.anyways,had been reading twilight.curled up in bed with the dimmed night lamp.damn i super loovveee edward cullen.he is s0oo protectiveee.i love this word :

"Be Safe"

haihh..wanna see what's MOREEE adorable??

picture from dzu's

melt melt kan?ok.please melt with me.tomorrow am meeting my bffs <3 for lunch.good safe :P much love xx

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