Sunday, January 11, 2009

dey's BIG dei

wahhh can u believe it?!! she's finally hit the road! my DEY is officially married!congratulations dey.hope it will end for eternity.she looked s0o pretty in her own designed wedding dress.and sailor in his jap high school tux :) they are match made from sad..dey will leaving for belayar2 for 6 MONTHS!! can't ym with her neemore.but hey.on the bright side.she's married!!congrats dey!go make babies banyak2 k.6months offshore is a l0onnggg time ;p may Allah bless this newly wed :) aminn..

what a happy dey :) we came in a bit late.but just on time to be lining up right behind sailor's troop :P and hey!we got great shot before they entered the its ok.ok peeps.its 2am and i'm still blogging?? hehe.but i've slept,FLAT right after the wedding from 630 to 9pm!;p so yeah.need to sleep tho.another 4 miles to go tomorrow ;) have a nice weekends.much love xx

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