Saturday, January 31, 2009

she's the lucky girl

hey was a blessful morning yesterday.alhamdulillah nadz is now married to mr sofie.alhamdulillahhh..everything ran smoothly and sofie did it in only one lafaz.and nadz was like "Eh..dah ke?" by then,everyone was already 'tadah tangan' for doa.he he.anyways,nadz was the most prettiest girl on the set.of cos!with makeup by syarifah muriana.she wore a white beaded nikah dress.with fresh bouquet of roses in her hands.kaem,yatt,alia,een,via+mom,emmy,nazihah,idrina,ina and ayu was there to witness the beautiful ceremony held in masjid al-Ghufran, 9.45am,30th of January 2009,they are now officially married as a husband and wife=) congrats nadz and sofie.may Allah bless both of you and may you live happily ever after.insyaAllah.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

henna not montana

series of she'll soon be mine *for sofie lah kan* :P

went to nadz house yesterday.its henna night :D there were alia,shoe,ayu,suhada and suhada's friend,nadira.we started slow.haha.because none of us had the experience to put henna on,on the other hand,is tipssyy!! nervous happy sad at the same time.suddenly rasa macam takbest.i know.i sound selfish kan.haha.but seriously..i remembered last time when i was leaving my mom for college.i made a HUGE fuss out of a small thing.we end up not talking *nicely* to each other before i left.but that's me.i tend to be emotionally disturbed when i'm about to leave someone.i will feel like 'not talking' to anyone.and at the end.i end up calling my mom in tears.sad kan? i remembered calling 'this' one guy.whom takde kena mengena dengan i..and talking to him in tears!because i missed my mom.bodoh kan? but tu lah..i 'hope' i can take this one coo-ley! :P so if u noticed me suddenly distanced.u know why ok :)

but anyways..we did the bunjut2 at nadz funny.looked like swollen fingers.then we let it dried for an hour (so kejap right??haha!) then we took it out and the fingers were not even close to orange :( maa fan! so had the tube henna and suhada was doing all nadz's toes,and we started to cover up her fingers with the tube henna mom gave to her.alhamdulillah.the fingers are superbly red.hehe.*fewh* but she need to put more tonight so that it's gonna be bright red for the BIG day tomorrow ;) wahhh!!suddenly i cannot breathe!!i dunno what to wear for tomorrow!helpppp! :P

and another 8 hours from now.she is getting married to the love of her life and i am in tears typing this.and feeling such emptiness,heart wrenching and i am so sad.

dear nadz..i surely gonna miss u.s0ooo much.its been forever that we known each other.i hope the new turning point of your life will not pull us apart (jangan harap!aku datang umah ko hari2 ketuk pintu.ajak makan rasta!lol) so i hope babe.that u will look fabulous tomorrow and saturday.and you gonna rock your socks out baby!!selamat pengantin baru.good luck to u and sofie as both of you are entering new phase of life.may Allah bless both of you till eternity =)

p/s: ni baru pre wed u tomorrow peeps.much love xx

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i lap sap u <3!

series of there goes my savings down the drain :P

jason mraz no more *period* i had 'accidentally' bought another lapsap shirt.i mean another TWO ;p and when i was about to pay at the counter (waiting for mom a.k.a mrs backup accountant) i saw it!yes!that one last thing on my wish list yesterday.we are now complete!teeheee =D i found that skinny jeans baby!:D:D i terus grab jeans itu.sambil mengorek2 wallet dengan harapan budget tak lari.damn i should have a cc.mujur ada puan berseri merangkap backup accountant kite.he he.maka saya telah membeli itu jeans dengan bantuan emak kesayangann.. =)=)

left:me with stripes one piece and cardigan.below:green peas 3 quater sleeves one piece tshirt bought from bijou bazaar.deep purple short sleeves oversized shirt+hot pink oversized shirt.both from my recent shopping today.all paired with new skinny jeans ;) (i think i'm short so the skinny jeans looked a bit loose on the thighs :P )

i so 'lapsap' that hot pink shirt.i wanna buy a shocking green like this shirt paklan bought for me from japan.very lapsap green kan? :D i suka!but my parents said "berpinar mata mama" haha! very funny

seriously..i wanna buy that green one.but then i have to dig in my jason mraz money.erk!so if i use that money.then i have no money to go jason mraz.double erk!and i am (almost) broke now.but its okei..i am happy lor.coz i got what i wish for ;) haihh lapsap betul lah!seminggu tak sampai dah nak mc hammer broke ( blame the hormones *again* sekali arung beli..mana taknye.and mom did her shopping too!she said that 'that' bag is staring at her,begging for her to buy dad's 'menggeleng' kepala.and the ladies dancing in their shoes!he to bed now.have a lapsap holidays ;) much love xx

i know what lapsap meant.but for me,lapsap meant crazy colors+fashion;)

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

i see red.checkered.cute shuz!

great great weekends.esok cuti!i can get a l0onggg sleep!!!did my 3kms this morning.and yes.i felt heavier.and lazier to run another 2 laps.which i later found out!i gained weights!aiyayaii!! ni mesti sebab hari2 breakfast!and ate roti canai like 3 times a week!help!i need to cut down my breakfast.drink oats only.must must!dem!and i have to stop eating chocolates again!(i started to eat chocolates like 2 weeks ago.EVERYDAY!without fail!in fact,i wanna have another bite of that cadbury right now.erk!bad llama!) but maybe its 'the' hormones ;p so week can reduce balik.because i need skinnier jeans!;p becauseee..i bought this!

love at first sight.and does look like a tablecloth!haha.but i loike!i found a ggreat shop in rasta.they started with online boutique called Us US uS CLOTHING and they just opened a shop@Rasta.i went on the first day it's opened! i think that's MY kind of shop!my lapsap clothing!weehoo! ;) i somehow wish for a new go with the skinnier jeans (which still in the wish list) + checkered oversized shirt.and guess what?? i saw this super cuteness pumps!!! ;)

teeheeee =D

i terus i am double happy now.lately all these checkered stuffs hit my happy i bought this cute clutch too!

so denise,when is my cute shoes coming in? *haha!tak malu sungguh aku.but i know ur gonna gimme shoes kan?? :P * anyhoww..i had a GRREAATTT weekends!with great laksa,great desserts too.

pistachio pudding@ mandarin oriental,CNY lunch

heart sago with brown sugar@ aunty nat,CNY eve lunch

have a prosperous chinese new year and happy holidays people!!;) much love xx

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

someday we'll find the rainbow connection

weeee~ what a great week!despite the tense of completing the new enhancement.another 4 hours to go.and i am done with the STRESSFUL work *finger crossed* i got HUGE angpow.two superb at mandarin oriental,not so yummy.pftt!but another one was the best!at aunty's highly recommended :D the assam fish is superbbb!and the kangkung belacan too.aiyayai!!tipsyyy!! and then i met nadz for dinner @rasta.had the best laksa i've ever eaten (besides mom's of cos!) so far.rm5 only.go try peeps! ;p and had breakfast today.superrr happy.laugh and laugh and laugh.i don't think we can go laugh laugh until my urat perut is s0oo tensed!!!XD to add text and spoke to monkey! :"> tipsy!!after 3 weeks.*BIG DEAL erin!:p * SAYA HAPPY!:)

i haven't spoke to nuwen for a week now.where have you been nuwen?are u okay?i bet you're busy settling stuffs for graduation.and completing you ronbun soon.i hope that you're okay.if u ever read this :) and my dear denise,i hope to see u soon too!i think u better start kerja on february.because we are s0o gonna go to nadz nikah ceremony right? ;) i hope january will end with happy good meeting kaem soon!we're gonna go movie and wondermilk next week!weeeee~!! best's like every 2-3months we need to get those bbq beef baked potatoes for our monthly dose :P *gosh sedapnye bbq beef tuuu!!* and azz!we need to bring you to wondermilk lah!the place is nice tau!they are expending soon in we will have bigger wondermilk maybe ;) i really want you taste the cuppacakes and those yummilicious tuna melt and bbq beef baked potato!:)

i need to do wardrobe seems like i have the same old clothes i had for the past 6 months? :P hmmm..but i'm saving some cash for jason mraz's concert in march.and i'm definitely buying the front row!but the rock stand (second front row) is slightly rm100 cheaper.but still,its quite to the front.which one should i buy peeps?the frontmost or the second row? :D *confused* kalau ikutkan nafsu tamak haloba nak zoom camera biar nampak lubang hidung jason mraz memang nak beli depan sekali.(sebab memang dah simpan duit angpow untuk tengok jason mraz ;p ) but if ikut akal waras and mana tau if i get lucky..rempuh2 stand.tiba2 "aik!dah kat depan jason mraz dahh.." :P so beli je tiket second front.and i dapat save rm100.tak ke? he he.harap2 by the time i made my decision there are still front stand on sale.hope tak habis lagi.duk fikir nak depan ke taknak lah ape lah :P so what say you?

current song : rainbow connection by jason mraz <3

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i wish i bumped into u

i was really heartbroken.but i made it through the day anyways.thanks friends.i miss nadz.i miss talking to her.i miss her kelam kabutness finding time to meet me in between her preparations.i'm a lousy friend.i should lend a hand in any ways i can.but those mfs are giving me a hard time remember?:( i miss azz.i miss her chillness.she is always chill although u know she's angry or she's freaking out.especially about her ring the other day.her face is always calm.i miss the three of us hanging out every single week we could squeeze in.i'm gonna miss them both.damn.sedih tiba2 :(

i bet i'm gonna cry on their nikah day.mental note: waterproof mascara + eyeliner on that day ;p but hey,cest la vie.hidup ini memang p**** tapi esok kan ada? :) my new year resolution : get a new job.serious doesnt matter sooner or long as i made my strong stand.who have thought i'll end up screwed.i love my job but i hate it at the same time.its a love hate relationship.haha.but i don't regret somehow.lets just call it "wrong turn".speaking of turn.its been a while.i haven't spoke to be's been 16days :D it's an achievement okay!lol.after that "do u have to pay if i call u?!"..terus dua2 diam :P but i've been busy fair.both are busy.but somehow i wished i bumped into him.maybe i'll give a ring on the 20th/21st day.i can be cold hearted you know ;) but easily melted.haha.ok.dah.need to get some sleep.i'm all tensed and tired from work and yet i'm blogging?oh,i made third layering again on my henna (as u can see in my fb) i'm getting addicted because i think i love my henna :P it's kind cool tho.maybe because it's my own design *haha!angkat bakul sendiri betul!* so free design anyone? ;) nite2.much love xx

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Monday, January 19, 2009

quit messing aroun with me!

another heartbreaking monday.i am very very very sensitive when it comes to stabbing my back or stepping on me head (pijak kepala? :P) i can tell the moment u made a simple word out of lies.imagine this : at 11 am ,just a few hours earlier.i was eating breakfast with 'other' friends, i just heard the news.and i can't breathe.seriously.when my volcano is building up inside me,i CANNOT be in the same room with the person i hated most.i will end up explod ing or doing stupid things.and i mean really stupid like britney spears stupid.i dragged stella to daun cafe.i just could not stand it nor hold back.the only thing i could think of was to explode.i was supppperrrrr furios!! i bet the waiter was thinking that i had a bad fight with stella (stella was just sitting in front of me doing nothing.i told her that i could calmed myself down) i was shaking and sobbing like mad!after 20mins in tears.i started to feel stupid.but somehow,much better.i need to let it out la right?? but i got a bad news today.another horrifying story of my life.long story short..the 'angpow' i mentioned before (yes the bling bling angpow) : IS NOT WORTH IT compared to what i was suppose to get like my other collegues does.i am s0oo quitting my job!

its a damn cruel world here.i am not stupid hello?but at least spare me some dignity so i don't feel like i was ur damned stupid donkey.i am done.i am sicked and tired of your stupid games.and i am not gonna end up like YOU! with NO LIFE!and i don't think that its worth it to stay.and stop making me feel like i'm not fooking worth it!and YOU!may God spare you some mercy so that I can kick your dumb hinds!thanks mfs!!

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Saturday, January 17, 2009

i'm overdrugged

woww!!almost a week i tak blog!can u believe it?just got my laptop from formatting.dayme those weird windows installers whatsoever.i have to install allll my favourite softwares all over again.very maa fan! couldn't sleep last night.(no more reading books using the flashlight.coz i finished new moon;) ) did a henna tatoo of sakura while watching 'american got talent'? america's got talent..or whatsoever.boring.friday night is super boredom!

been coming back late from work had been hectic.boss is giving a hard time since there's a new enhancement coming in.less sleeps and rests nowadays.time is very very important.i don't think i can cope up with this work anymore.i need to find another 'alternatives'.oh!i just got back from low yatt & job fair.everyone was like "why do u wanna go to a jobfair??" i dunno.maybe i'm looking for opportunities in other countries.maybe japan,or australia.or canada?hahaha.but was s0oo crowded with homo sapiens.who are 'graping'.lol.and all those fresh grads and all.bohringgg i tell u!but i have to get to's my first time was s0oo stuffy!!well don't this my friends.its really really killing me and tiring.(i just ran 4miles in the morning and straight off to the job fair.the traffic was heavy and the parking sucks) so yeah.sakit pinggang and everything.but alhamdulillah.after swimming through the oceans of HUMANS (cewahh)..we reached to one lovely booth.hehe.(oh,i memang plan nak cari booth ni from the moment i entered the fair)

as soon as we arrived at the asian guy greeted us.turned out he's a since eti was there.we started to talk in japanese with this guy and the rest of the conversation was something like the one i had in tokyo.haha.natsukashi naa..i think my heart is somehow stucked somewhere in japan.still.i miss my life there.i miss talking in japanese.haihh..i wish i could go there again someday.maybe honeymoon (the last thing i could think of as a celebration) sebab if i wanna go with my own money,canada is definitely on top of the list now ;p but it made my day though.speaking to that japanese guy.i really miss japan now :(

oh u know what?! i just got back from low stucked in the traffic at star hill for almost an's all burned's exploding.just because baby bro wants to buy new lappy!all of us were 'dragged' to get him a superb specs of new lappy.jealousnye aku!my dad's buying it for his birthday.what the hoile?*yes saya seorang kakak yang pengjealous.tapi penyayang.and cute!haha* but kakak yang penyayang lagi cute ini..had decided to choose the best requirements for the notebook lah.he got 250gb HD!!,3GB RAM!!,Windows VISTA!!,Intel Centrino!!(nasib baik tak quad!grrr) and all the softwares were installed for free of course and i bargained for superrr cheap price okayy! (i kenyit2 mata with the bro yang jual..*sebab mata masuk habuk.lalala..*) it's only for rm2340! how cool is that?? dolby home theater surroundings okay.jealous nak mati kan?! dayme!i am s0o gonna buy pavvi!but wait till the right time comes la.not just that was my agenda today.happy : ran 4 miles,met nadz for 5mins,spoke in japanese. unhappy : tak dapat laptop baru :( oh well!boohooo erin! ;p gotta crash bed.super tired and need some eyes resting.have a nice weekends! much love!

p/s:i <3 chinese new year.i got huge angpow today.lets just say i could get front stand for jason mraz with that angpow.ehem2.can't waitt!!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

dey's BIG dei

wahhh can u believe it?!! she's finally hit the road! my DEY is officially married!congratulations dey.hope it will end for eternity.she looked s0o pretty in her own designed wedding dress.and sailor in his jap high school tux :) they are match made from sad..dey will leaving for belayar2 for 6 MONTHS!! can't ym with her neemore.but hey.on the bright side.she's married!!congrats dey!go make babies banyak2 k.6months offshore is a l0onnggg time ;p may Allah bless this newly wed :) aminn..

what a happy dey :) we came in a bit late.but just on time to be lining up right behind sailor's troop :P and hey!we got great shot before they entered the its ok.ok peeps.its 2am and i'm still blogging?? hehe.but i've slept,FLAT right after the wedding from 630 to 9pm!;p so yeah.need to sleep tho.another 4 miles to go tomorrow ;) have a nice weekends.much love xx

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