Friday, December 05, 2008

pick your color

starting from today.i won't complaint.i will just say,i'm's a hectic.fullstop.two important person in my life had made me realize this.heeee :D thank mens.just got back from lepaking with nadz.we love kutuk people but we kutuk ourselves fair kan?:) now,suddenly i realized when..

one said : kalau dah keje,keje je laa..tak kisahla gaji sikit ke banyak.kita nak belajar.janji u enjoy ur work ---> i agreed! i should,should i? :D

ealier today.....

two said : i've been working fortydays straight. I really hope you are okay.
I am concerned about chu gangster!---> soo true.i am not the chu gangster anymore.he worked fortydays straight and not even complaining.and me?who am i to complaint now..

sometimes life is about picking the color u want.let it be red for angry,white for sanity,pink for happy,yellow for sunny,blue for sappy,green for serenity,purple for sexy,black for moody.i dunno.u pick one.i choose all sorts of color at different made me this point of life.turning 25 next year.what do i want?what do i have at this point?i have a fantastic is.cute and er..cute? :P i have a job.and i am still complaining.i have lovely mom and dad.and my funny talkative overworked brother in law.and a cute chinese looking daughter.and i have a sarcastic lil bro.and BIG funky over worried sister in law.with two adooorable sons.a house and cats :P what else could i ask for? i have wonderful crazy beautiful friends.and a cute guy who *ehem* appreciates's time to be more thankful,less complain now.maybe Allah has plans for me.and maybe now i know.what i really really want in my life =) i want to be around my favourite things,people and friends

i want to pick my color..everyday :) much love xx

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