Friday, December 12, 2008

i saw the sun and i see faith

who would've guessed that getting what u want is s0o hard!adaaa je halangan.went to the PAC thingy.drove off to batu pahat at 9pm on first my friend was supposed to accompany me to batu pahat.but suddenly!at 8pm..(we were supposed to leave by 10pm..) she texted me and said she couldnt come?? gosh i couldnt think straight.i started to menggelabah.if i knew that my friend couldnt accompany me to batu pahat..i would've drove off right after work so i won't be t0o exhausted driving for 3 hours!thanks to big bro..convoyed me until batu pahat and we arrived at 12ish at my friend's house.sleptover.but big bro has to drive back to KL.really really appreciate it bro!kalau tak,tataula ape jadi.i was superrr tired.but managed to sleep at 130 after the loo0ng chat ;) woke up at 6 the next morning.pretty lazy and sleepy.drove off to kluang for the PAC at 630.saw the sun rising.s0oo pretty..(adeh rindu la plak!) so mamai2 tu..managed to arrive at IKWAS at 8am sharp.

on the way to kluang

registered.made friends and went for briefing.roughly the briefing was pretttyy boringg..but at least i didn't doze off.too hungry to stay awake.after the brief,eat,then off to the first a group.both in english and BM.the english part was pretty much easier than the BM tongue was twisted with words i couldnt imagine.pemuliharaan : preserved.dewasakini?? pencemaran udara,air dan darat?? (bunyi i guess.) tanah runtuh,bukit antarabangsa,damansara,whatsoever..i was damned!lost with words.serious i lacked at the BM part.blame cikgu meor.haha.i couldn't think of ANY points for the malay debate.thank God we were in the opposition i guess we won? :) (trust me,there's this indian guy who can speak FLUENT malay than me!malu please!)

after the debate.had lunch.went for the physical activity which was reallyy really tiring!! the hot sun.i could not tolarate.but i have to push myself to complete it.i managed to complete the whole task.thank God.although kaki dah start cramp and badan dah sakit.nasib baik complete.the PAC ended at 4pm.took a shower and drove off back to KL.tired?i was EXHAUSTED and guess what?i was hit by heatwave and abruptly terus HIGH body is exploding,my throat was burning up.i can't speak.i can't eat.and i hafta drive back to KL for another co pilot.i was scared that i would die!i couldn't open my eyes! :( i was driving with blurry mind,heavy head,and my body was burning inside.lucky i can still feel my legs.paksala jugak tekan minyak.bawak 120km/ was a lo0onnnng journey!!arrived in ttdi at 730pm.alhamdulillah.and terus pegi doctor.doc was shocked to see me burning up.i have a very high fever he i got an mc for today :) so i tell u this ;) PAC was not that hard.but to get through very very competence.i might die.but at least i died trying rather than not trying at all.they said that this is PRA PAC.once u're in,u'll have to go for another interview.and if you made it have to go for another 6months PAC.military style baby.crazy?? i know.oh well..need some sleep to u soon peeps!have a nice weekends xx

on the way back to kl

p/s:didnt manage to take any pics during the PAC.being tooo obidient ;p but i did wear number banduan,i tell u :D

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