Monday, December 29, 2008

i saw roses in her hair

it's azz's engagement day!i woke up super early just on time to get to see her getting all puffed up and looking pretty.she was beautiful!she has the glow on her face and her dress was fantabulous diva :) the ceremony was simple besides having paklah of course.but i'm sure she's the happiest person on earth today.and amir was asking to us proudly "where's my fiance'?" u should see him.he's overwhelmed :) i am happy for both of you.hope it lasts for eternity.

congratulations azz & amir..

most of the guests were families and close friends.the sspians were most who came.there were kak asma',kak mega,and kak alysha.and the usual me,nadz,fizz,kaem,gg,madine,aisyah+hubby,fatty,denise!,hikma,shila and the rest were azz's kmys was veryyyy beautiful azz's hair.aim made her hair looked like roses.pweettyy..the weather was hot but the rest was just purrfect,enjoy the rest of the ceremony ;)

i had a greaaattt day today.though tired.but happy.azz's happily engaged.i am happily laughing with nadz.and i am happy monkey called :) much love xx

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