Tuesday, December 02, 2008

i like to penyet penyet

finally..had the chance to sit and blog ;p as promised...went out with my babes few weeks back..went for quantam of solace with kaem,hang out @ waroeng penyet with nadz+kaem and susu hebat on nadz birthday.just a quick update.enjoy ;)

at susu hebat

i'm happy today.i completed my task (my hectic weeks previuosly,remember?) my client's happy.i got the letter.i watched gilmore girls and one tree hill again.i ate burger.decorate christmas tree.damn.its so nice to be young again.i wish things won't move too fast.hope things will be as planned too.sometimes u just live in the moment.let whatever happen,happens.hmm..oh well talk to u soon peeps.much love xx

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