Monday, December 15, 2008

i can still smell ur cherie

i'm tooo tired to blog today.because uploading pictures in fb seems like forever!went to ecah's wedding today.selamat pengantin baru ecah <3

met is superrrr cute one pic of her made me fell in love with her eyes!!

adorable kann?*melt*melt* i wanna have eyes like those too!haha.the day was okay.met the girls and laugh tak hengat as usual ;p went back at 5 and end up sleeping at 10pm! while waiting for kyle xy :P now i'm wide awake but i need to sleep.working tomorrow.malasnye.selamat hari isnin.december is soon to be over.sedihnye.. :( talk to u soon peeps.much love xx

p/s:i can still smell alang's miss dior cherie.she intentionally spray my whole room while changing her clothes and flaunting her lah.i kid.but i love the smell though :) (giler porno bunyinya.haha)

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