Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i am twilighted

went to watch twilight for the last time before they ended the show.sigh.tell can i not melted by those eyes and smirk.*sheesh* feels like i'm back to 'seventeen' :">

and i soo love this scene!sangat sweeettt pleaseee!!

sangat hottie kan?i promise you.edward cullen is the closing for this year ala high school entries.seriously.he makes me write like a high school girl!*grinning sheepishly* the funny part is : i was driving from the movie with my friend and we were listening to the radio.BUT we were not even listening!(although they were actually making a joke out of santa and whatsoever) i was grinning!!!goshhh!! and we both sighed at the same time!!lol.obviously we were still having edward cullen in the head!haihhh..talking about sweet guy.this guy is OTT ashton!sorry.this year,edward cullen wins.but still,i love u ashton ;p kan bestt..... *sigh*

ok peeps.merry christmas and a happy new year!i can't believe it has been another great year.and i realized things could change in within a week.and a year had changed me alot.i miss the old me.but things are better off to be left behind :) oh new layout will be coming out soon.insyaAllah.dah nak masuk suku abad ni.kena matang skit ;) no more high school posts.lets get serious but with a lil bit funky me okay.i promise.can't wait to meet my parents soon!i miss them so damn much!!have a great holidays peep.much love xx

p/s: dream of edward cullen : you fascinates me :">

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