Thursday, December 18, 2008

i am so in love!

haihhhh i love the half smile and god knows whatever it was about him!now i know why dzu dzu watched 5 times!!i'm in love with edward cullen.(lambat sikit tapi memang dah lama tau dia sangat cool okei ;p) tolak tepi rambut and all those running and climbing trees like monkey(??)..he is the A list of guy i would die for.teheee..blushing aku sorang2 nih!!semangat tak's 7.15am and i'm blogging about edward cullen??haihhh..i bet u all know why la kann...sebab edward cullen is one of the guy yang u akan blog pasal dia tak kisah pada bila2 masa..dan tidak dianggap gile kalau blog mahupun pada pukul 3 pagi :D oh,i'm actually sickkkkk right now.really really need to see the doctor today.if not i will be coughing my lungs out at the girl's nite tonite.aishhh!so nak siap2 ni..nak pegi clinic.(second time in two weeks time.sien!) i miss my edward cullen.tolak tepi rambut and urmmm..weirdness??:P

i miss my dad :( if he's here in malaysia now,he would've send me to clinic.but today,i must go on my own.sedihnye :( ok.nak bersiap.gonna be away for awhile.till my slowmyx kena potong (on the 19th)..will update on the girls nite and north to u soon peeps!much love xx

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