Wednesday, December 17, 2008

almost twilight

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had another night out yesterday.memang gelak tak hengat altho tekak ni sakit2.balik2 terus kering.tido pun sambil menghisap strepsils.sien?i know.altho we planned to watch twilight.(last minute.sape suruh :p) but the tickets were SOLD OUT :( but its okei.we had a great time hanging out in DOME@the curve.loveee the surroundings.sooo pweeetyy and romantic too!sebab ada orang nyanyi2 lagu..lagu 'iris' lagi tu..pastu under christmas light up.alahaiii..hehe.but it was great.sampaikan orang DOME datang bagi bill altho we didn't call for it.nampak sangat nak!last minute dah nak blah baru terbuka cerita pasal "nadhyra sidek"?? hehehe.fill in the blanks la then we head home

oh we had a nice ride last night.its superrr hawwttt.thanks babe!merasa la jugak altho *ehem2* :P i am so want it for a gift or whatever u can get it for..anniversary ke,hadiah bersalin ke,anugerah pekerja cemerlang ke.i dun mind.haha.jatuh cinta okeii..wah this month memang i akan jumpa nadz and azz every single week kut!!and lela has joined the club too.welcome welcome.the more the merrier.we had dinner.breakfast.lunch.supper.god knows what else.thanks girls for being there to at least made my month a little bit sengkek (haha!) but sapa kata banyak duit happy?? sikit duit pun happy tau! :D can't wait for our jalan jalan cari makan outing.we're heading north baby!!! <3 okei nak sambung keje.babai! much love xx

p/s:gonna watch twilight tonight with azz!finally!! :P

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