Monday, December 29, 2008

i saw roses in her hair

it's azz's engagement day!i woke up super early just on time to get to see her getting all puffed up and looking pretty.she was beautiful!she has the glow on her face and her dress was fantabulous diva :) the ceremony was simple besides having paklah of course.but i'm sure she's the happiest person on earth today.and amir was asking to us proudly "where's my fiance'?" u should see him.he's overwhelmed :) i am happy for both of you.hope it lasts for eternity.

congratulations azz & amir..

most of the guests were families and close friends.the sspians were most who came.there were kak asma',kak mega,and kak alysha.and the usual me,nadz,fizz,kaem,gg,madine,aisyah+hubby,fatty,denise!,hikma,shila and the rest were azz's kmys was veryyyy beautiful azz's hair.aim made her hair looked like roses.pweettyy..the weather was hot but the rest was just purrfect,enjoy the rest of the ceremony ;)

i had a greaaattt day today.though tired.but happy.azz's happily engaged.i am happily laughing with nadz.and i am happy monkey called :) much love xx

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

i am twilighted

went to watch twilight for the last time before they ended the show.sigh.tell can i not melted by those eyes and smirk.*sheesh* feels like i'm back to 'seventeen' :">

and i soo love this scene!sangat sweeettt pleaseee!!

sangat hottie kan?i promise you.edward cullen is the closing for this year ala high school entries.seriously.he makes me write like a high school girl!*grinning sheepishly* the funny part is : i was driving from the movie with my friend and we were listening to the radio.BUT we were not even listening!(although they were actually making a joke out of santa and whatsoever) i was grinning!!!goshhh!! and we both sighed at the same time!!lol.obviously we were still having edward cullen in the head!haihhh..talking about sweet guy.this guy is OTT ashton!sorry.this year,edward cullen wins.but still,i love u ashton ;p kan bestt..... *sigh*

ok peeps.merry christmas and a happy new year!i can't believe it has been another great year.and i realized things could change in within a week.and a year had changed me alot.i miss the old me.but things are better off to be left behind :) oh new layout will be coming out soon.insyaAllah.dah nak masuk suku abad ni.kena matang skit ;) no more high school posts.lets get serious but with a lil bit funky me okay.i promise.can't wait to meet my parents soon!i miss them so damn much!!have a great holidays peep.much love xx

p/s: dream of edward cullen : you fascinates me :">

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

cheer up.its not the end of the world

another incident happened again.and i believe there's an explaination to it.its either i'm unwanted.or its a sign to stop.haha.aku pun tak faham ape yang aku cakap ni.but whatsoever mother ******,i had great meal.funny friends.and crazy babes.had christmas dinner at tgi

i should have at least a slight of happiness today..but there's none.oh well,merry christmas and a happy new year.i hope u like my gift :) tu me manques,singe! much love xx

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

have i found you flightless bird?

what a greatttt hangout!!had a small bridal shower for nadz.had a girls day out with my BABES and had dinner with darling 9701 :) it was superrrbbb!!although i'm still tired from the non stop makan makan and talking.i am content this whole week =) took a day off and spent the whole day with nadz,azz and kaem.we were laughing and talking ALL the time!haihh i lovee the girls!!<3

first night started with the was funny coz nadz had been texting and calling me saying she's clueless about where to go,what to do,what to bring we directed her to come to rasta.just a normal lepak2 and dinner.and after having tauhu bakar,and some meals.via came out with a uber cool sash!!and that's when nadz was shocked and speechless!!she has to wear it throughout the night and of course the next day too!;p

then we headed home for more gossips and suprises!!we didn't get to play any games because there were only 5 of us.but its okay.we talked and talked and talked..and God knows everything is s0o 18sx!!haha.and azz came out with her biggest suprise!! (i was imagining a kitchen set,boleh??) ;p

we were screaming NON STOP although we have no idea what was it :P nadz was in tears.i don't think i'll cry just yet.wait till the real day i guess..hehe.and then via+alia bought nadz an enticing man made lingerie.oh la la~

it fits her just purrfect ;) it was funny to realize that we are entering the new phase of life and that's what happening to nadz.i'm sure she's not believing it herself :) we are more than welcome to make u feel u are ready to 'perform' nadz!:P haha.crazy talk.then we talked and gossiped for a bit and alia+via has to we crashed the bed.coz we gonna have nadz's day out the next day ;)

we woke up so0o early.nadz and me were used to the early morning wake we decided to go for breakfast.but since erin here was too busy watching 'made of honor' so we breakfast with bibik's mee hoon goreng instead ;p and off to the 'golden' at 12 for our lunch with kaem @italiannies :)

then we off to go for more 'lil lingie' was superrr fun!! because i get to see those manniquine's oppsie daisie.haha.very hawttt!!but fake of course!hey we should do that again lah!!very han sap i tell u!;p

and then we went for dessert@alexis.and had this super duper yummy pavlova i lovaaaa!! <3 nadz said that "kalau ko makan mesti ko nangis!!" ..i guess that explains the whole azz and me craying pose :P sedapp sampai nak nangis i tell u!! lol

then looking at the was almost 6pm!we hafta head to klcc next.azz and i was s0oo tireddd!!so we slept all the way to klcc!thanks kaem.for the ride ;) and off to madam kwan for the bridal's dinner! :)

it was such a great time!!i was just hoping my cough will get better.but i guess with all the talkings and laughings.i don't mind if it gets worse :P i hope nadz had a great time.that's the least we can do before she's off to become someone else's wife.but still.kiara park + rasta = lets hangout again babe!till death do us part ;p i'm signing off!

hope you have a great weekends peeps!i know i did ;) !much love xx

current song : flightless bird,american mouth by iron & wine *i <3 *

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