Wednesday, November 19, 2008

you are what you eat?

ya Allah!!i had never felt this bloated before.this whole week is full with junks junks junks and more junks!tell me when is the time i had the healthiest food?? let me see..NONE!! last week i ate nasi minyak,fries@RASTA (sumpah sedap!!),then i had more fries and chicken chop.then i ate rice some more.and then this week lets starts with cheese spageti (twice!),then i had fries AGAIN,JIGS like almost 3 times in less than a week!and i had loads and loads of candies,and had chips ahoy! cookies like urm 5 cookies in less than 30mins?? giler okeii..and today! tadaa!! i had KFC,two pieces!mash potatoes,coleslaw,wedges,popcorn chicken and pepsi.(kenot escape!because a friend belanja me because i helped her to teach his son bahasa melayu and her son scored 5As.) wahlauuu!sila kira kalori saya!!!arghhh tension tension.serious tak pernah senafsu macam ni!!oh to add more,i am craving for COLD STONE ice cream ya ampunnnnnn!!!what is wrong with me??you are what u eat rite?so am i a junkie (penagih! ;p)

okei i better stop craving now.giler.dalam two weeks mau naik cam belon!gosh camni kena lari 5km gamaknyeee!!dang!have a nice wednesday =)

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