Tuesday, November 04, 2008

kinny minny miney moo!

halluuuuu..hows the land rocking?:P hehe.just got back from the land below the windd..sangat laa hawttt itu tempat!i got back with a bad sniff sniff and dry cough cough and of cos! red skin skin.haihh..dah macam udang bakar!even worse,i've never experienced such bad sunburnt that my scalp was burnt too!my sis told me it was red in color?? scarryyy..but it was great!i could see nemo,bapak nemo,mak nemo dan orang orang kampung nemo,dory,bon bon the ikan bontal,do do the landak laut,cumcum the sea cucumber,adeh i dunno the rest of the fish's name.but sangatla cantiks and besarrr!!!there's one pink fish is very agressive.she's trying to poke on my mask.but i likt it.it's cute.garanggg tapi cute!:P ouh,now i am not afraid of the coral which looked like the human brain because i think it's cool ;) and i am so gonna buy the under water camera casing for my olympus cos i din know it could take pictures under water!sayangnyee tak beli awal2.but its ok.am gonna buy it before my next sea sun and sand vacation =)

sabah is a great place for vacation i tell u.except for the food and transportations cost.sangatlah mahal!i don't mind the food.but the taxi.sheeshh..so unreasonable.but wattado.i was hoping to go to kinny.but to get to kinny cost another buckarooss!! like not worth it.i rather stay somewhere in kundasang.since our place is wayy further then those places.but it was ok.it's only four days anyways,so not much places could be covered :) first day was like..just hanging out at the hotel and our hotel is just beside the mall.so yeah.we spent the first day at the 1borneo mall!bosan i tell u!we went to eat and guess what?we watched movie!haha.giler bosan kan?sempat tengok cite "my bestfriend's girl" which i had a GREATTTT laugh!

second day was the shopping part.went to the phillipines market and went beserk over the pearls,crystals and i dunno what to buy!seriously!i just went passed the shops without buying anything.rambang mata please!but my friends did buy lotsa things.like necklaces,bracelets,shirts,keychains,and god knows ape2 je derang beli.at least something to bring back as souvenirs.me,came back with a monkey keychain.heh!;p but of cos most enjoyable part is definitely the manukan island..so we sailing thru the sea..to an island where the fun begins!!

we went from the morning aroun 9am..(oh sabah is s0oo freaking hawt!!the sun rises before my eyes rise! haha) and sampai2 je terus terjun air.we started to dive in from 10-2pm!i knowww!! four freaking hours in the sea is madness!but i am s0o in love with the cute fish!serious like went to dive in the deep sea and saw cool weird cute fish!i can stay like that for hours!!i even get to hold nemo!comel!!oh the deeper you get the bigger the fish are.so i saw this BAPAK nemo like besar tapak tangan.and they are s0oo menyebuk like poking poking on my mask.it was beyond uber coolness!=) so enjoy the pics!

so the next day.woke up at 5!gosh!memang jetlagged abes.haha.my body clock abes confused!the 630am is like 9am!sampai2 je KL terus rasa cam nak pengsan.sempat jumpa fewie!my angel.hehe.am s0oo happy to see her.btw,she's married with one kid.and still looking hawt!! ;p

sabah was fun.maybe i will come again some day.it's a nice place.who've thought that KK is not only famous for its mount kinabalu (people called it kinny) ada jugak pantai yang best camni.trust me,i only spent less than rm50 to go to this island ;) so why not try bahh? :) okei peeps.got a fever and now i'm overdrugged ;p need to catch my sleep!hope you had a great week!much love xx

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