Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's sunny day baybee

did my 5miles jog today.tired but happy.went to pasar to buy some grocs (feel such an accomplishment.feels like a responsible grown up.doing her grocs on her own. *haha.note that mom called me childish.giler poyo!* but i was embaressing myself when the meat guy as me "daging batang pinang ke daging rendang?" and i was like "ape??" lol.but now i know what it meant ;) went to OU again sister wanna take her daughter for a walk and a weeee bit shopping :P we ONLY want to go for a window shopping at first.but end : buying mascara+lip gloss; lil bro : kakhis pants; sister:stuffs for her daughter.talking about NOT being shopaholic ey ;p and we went for jeans hunt again.found this one hottie!27 baby!;) *26 is too small.unless i dun have jlo butt :P or perhaps when i'm as small as dey or missy mizz :D * so i guess we're gonna be seeing mr.5miles every week then ;) and i reward myself a yummilicious viena bagel

italiano yum2

and after a l0oonngg day in the mall.we head home and saw this!

kesian orang ni duduk dalam kotak.hehe.its a walking advertisement.ingatkan orang betul.patung ghopenye ;p okie dokie.will update on mr penyet+susu hebat soon.hehe.asyik pending je.haihhhh its monday again!bring it on baby.coz i'm gonna enjoy my sunny day todei and mourn over hectic day tomorrow.have a nice weekends!much love xx

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