Monday, November 17, 2008

i miss cute struch

what a day!!who have thought that my first week of NO could be tough shit! first i was feeling so0o at ease.switching on the pc.clicking here and there.surfing for a while.came in late.dreaming away.lazing around.when suddenly my new sv or shall i say team lead..started to flood me with thousandsss of questions!!huh!i wasn't even realizing that i was explaining to her for almost 3hours!but it was okei.she was more motherly type so i don't mind her asking me politely (she's pregnant.second child).it was 4pm when i have this crave for sumting cheesyyy (not cheesy pickup line.haha) and i want tall caramel frappucino with whip cream+choc chips pleaseee.

demm!i miss struch.i figured i just have to wait just a liiiillll bit more.4 months to go and who knows.. :)

so due to my craveness for cheeeeseee..went down to 7e.bought JIGS.dang!i had been eating LOADS of junk food lately.last week i had chicken chop,JIGS (again?),loads of choclaires,coffee junkie the whole week,maggi goreng,chips like 2 times with mayo.gosh!and as for today..i had spagetti with cheese sauce (its a meat sauce but i used my own creativity to modify the is supposed to be tomato or roasted mushroom or a mix of capsicum.but i used the cheese sauce instead and who can NOT loveee the cheese sauce!) and now i am feeling s0o fat!blame the hormones!;p anyways,here's my spaggeti in the making.nadz rugi tak datang tau.i ada spare for u lagi.he he.tapi i dah selamat makankan :P

the spageti when rebus ;p
the supposed to be yellowish cheese.but i mixed it with tomato sauce so that it taste yummilicous sour and cheeeesyyy
and tada!

sumpah sedap!haha.self compliment.i ate for two days in a row okay!(of cos i cooked different dish lah..) this is the only thing that i could cook very the fast and pro ;p if u ask me to cook masak lemak whatever sorry.i surrender ;p ok peeps.need to get some sleep.its the time of the month.the whole body is in superrr pain!! have a good monday.much love xx to u too struch ;)

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