Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy birthday my alter ego <3

gosh its so hard not having my laptop functioning at home.and nope,my bro's desktop is definitely not helping.so yeah..am updating from my office :P but hey..who could miss my BABE's birthday! ;)


you're my happiness when i was sad.your my jokes when i wasn't laughing.you're my kepocihness when i wasn't feeling like talking.you're my madness when i'm sane.you're my confidence when i'm in my lowest self esteem.you're my mom's favourite when i'm not your mom's (haha!) you're my driver when i'm not feeling like driving.you're my honesty when i lied to my mom :P okei too much "you're..you're" so let me sums up..

you're simply my alter ego! <3

thanks for being there through thicks and thins.its been 18 years!! (we've known each other since tadika Islam i believe :D ) oh my gosh!! lets make it a decade then ;) and of cos i will always love u although sofie has taken all my love for you.haha giler sedih!:P but all in all.thanks for always being there for me.till death do us apart.hope you'll have the greatest birthday ever!! much love! xx

p/s: went out with my babe (kaem and nadz) last sunday.will update on the ayam penyet and hidung penyet (michael craig.lol) ;)

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