Sunday, November 30, 2008

are u coco nuts?

ya Allah!!i had never been super busy like this soon as i stepped into the office..i hafta channel my brain,hands and God knows what else..and started to do work without even had the chance to glance at others.hecticccccc!!!and god knows how i can be super crazy when my new supervisor is someone who is really really analytic.ya Allah..she wants to know every single details IN and OUT!penat!but i am thankful that she has the patience to handle me :P frankly speaking although its been over a year now working at theta.i still have loads of things to learn and i am definitely have not enough hands to handle everything on my own.i realized that my work starts from 9am sharp! and ended at 9pm!! ya Allah i just couldnt get home early.tooooo many things to handle and too many things are in pending.i am not gonna let these people down by giving lame excuses "please give me more time" because all i ever wanted now is TIME!

oh well,not enough with the huru-hara in the office.i had the worst huru-hara in my life!first,my modem's adapter went off!i don't know what went wrong!then my laptop crashed.the whole hard disc gone.(all the travelling pictures i took is GONE BABY GONE!) yes,malacca's too!! :( oh even worse?? avril's concert!shait!and EVEN worse?? my sabah pictures!!! and even worse!! my hari raya pictures which i could never get the chance to develop it yet!and much much worse?? all the pictures i took with my babes and my monkey too :( ya Allah seriously..malas nak pikir!it is now the
least important thing in my mind right now.but now!my handphone's charger pulak rosak!!in my own room?? giler pelik.i dunno why it went bengkok!!! goshhh!! what else could've gone wrongg?!! ouh yeah! my home theater is broken too!the huge screen just couldnt turn on!!bodohnyeee!!what is wrong with everything in this house?!haihhh..whatever it is.things will get better.i hope.

i cooked chicken BBQ today.i find that cooking is kinda therapeutic! *betul ke aku eja?;p *

after cooking the bbq chicken then off to watch Quarantine with lil bro.after handling all his last minutes.haiyaa..if not i could be joining lel to watch Twilight.arghhh!!anyways,Quarantine is bestttt!! although its FULLLLL with blood.and smashing heads with hammer,camera,much much worse than SAW (saw is tooo much) this is classic horror.he one survived.uber cool.hehe.then went for another gift hunting.and went to try sicko,skinny jeans by pull and bear.ehem2.although i just tried it on (nak beli takde dalam bajet) but i am super happy.heeee

saya sudah turun 2 sizes ;) but this jeans was too long for me :P

after trying on the jeans and smiling in disbelief..i then met an old friend.hello mr choreo :)

its been a while.i miss mr choreo so much.after such therapeutic window shopping i went to develop pictures for my diary.haha.then headed home and savor mr choreo all to myself.yum2.i wanna watch TWILIGHT!! kaem + nadz lets go! ;) who said i had a disaster weekends?it was quite fine after all :) need to sleep.gonna run another 5miles tomorrow!;) have a nice weekends xx

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