Sunday, November 30, 2008

it's sunny day baybee

did my 5miles jog today.tired but happy.went to pasar to buy some grocs (feel such an accomplishment.feels like a responsible grown up.doing her grocs on her own. *haha.note that mom called me childish.giler poyo!* but i was embaressing myself when the meat guy as me "daging batang pinang ke daging rendang?" and i was like "ape??" lol.but now i know what it meant ;) went to OU again sister wanna take her daughter for a walk and a weeee bit shopping :P we ONLY want to go for a window shopping at first.but end : buying mascara+lip gloss; lil bro : kakhis pants; sister:stuffs for her daughter.talking about NOT being shopaholic ey ;p and we went for jeans hunt again.found this one hottie!27 baby!;) *26 is too small.unless i dun have jlo butt :P or perhaps when i'm as small as dey or missy mizz :D * so i guess we're gonna be seeing mr.5miles every week then ;) and i reward myself a yummilicious viena bagel

italiano yum2

and after a l0oonngg day in the mall.we head home and saw this!

kesian orang ni duduk dalam kotak.hehe.its a walking advertisement.ingatkan orang betul.patung ghopenye ;p okie dokie.will update on mr penyet+susu hebat soon.hehe.asyik pending je.haihhhh its monday again!bring it on baby.coz i'm gonna enjoy my sunny day todei and mourn over hectic day tomorrow.have a nice weekends!much love xx

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are u coco nuts?

ya Allah!!i had never been super busy like this soon as i stepped into the office..i hafta channel my brain,hands and God knows what else..and started to do work without even had the chance to glance at others.hecticccccc!!!and god knows how i can be super crazy when my new supervisor is someone who is really really analytic.ya Allah..she wants to know every single details IN and OUT!penat!but i am thankful that she has the patience to handle me :P frankly speaking although its been over a year now working at theta.i still have loads of things to learn and i am definitely have not enough hands to handle everything on my own.i realized that my work starts from 9am sharp! and ended at 9pm!! ya Allah i just couldnt get home early.tooooo many things to handle and too many things are in pending.i am not gonna let these people down by giving lame excuses "please give me more time" because all i ever wanted now is TIME!

oh well,not enough with the huru-hara in the office.i had the worst huru-hara in my life!first,my modem's adapter went off!i don't know what went wrong!then my laptop crashed.the whole hard disc gone.(all the travelling pictures i took is GONE BABY GONE!) yes,malacca's too!! :( oh even worse?? avril's concert!shait!and EVEN worse?? my sabah pictures!!! and even worse!! my hari raya pictures which i could never get the chance to develop it yet!and much much worse?? all the pictures i took with my babes and my monkey too :( ya Allah seriously..malas nak pikir!it is now the
least important thing in my mind right now.but now!my handphone's charger pulak rosak!!in my own room?? giler pelik.i dunno why it went bengkok!!! goshhh!! what else could've gone wrongg?!! ouh yeah! my home theater is broken too!the huge screen just couldnt turn on!!bodohnyeee!!what is wrong with everything in this house?!haihhh..whatever it is.things will get better.i hope.

i cooked chicken BBQ today.i find that cooking is kinda therapeutic! *betul ke aku eja?;p *

after cooking the bbq chicken then off to watch Quarantine with lil bro.after handling all his last minutes.haiyaa..if not i could be joining lel to watch Twilight.arghhh!!anyways,Quarantine is bestttt!! although its FULLLLL with blood.and smashing heads with hammer,camera,much much worse than SAW (saw is tooo much) this is classic horror.he one survived.uber cool.hehe.then went for another gift hunting.and went to try sicko,skinny jeans by pull and bear.ehem2.although i just tried it on (nak beli takde dalam bajet) but i am super happy.heeee

saya sudah turun 2 sizes ;) but this jeans was too long for me :P

after trying on the jeans and smiling in disbelief..i then met an old friend.hello mr choreo :)

its been a while.i miss mr choreo so much.after such therapeutic window shopping i went to develop pictures for my diary.haha.then headed home and savor mr choreo all to myself.yum2.i wanna watch TWILIGHT!! kaem + nadz lets go! ;) who said i had a disaster weekends?it was quite fine after all :) need to sleep.gonna run another 5miles tomorrow!;) have a nice weekends xx

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

happy birthday my alter ego <3

gosh its so hard not having my laptop functioning at home.and nope,my bro's desktop is definitely not updating from my office :P but hey..who could miss my BABE's birthday! ;)


you're my happiness when i was sad.your my jokes when i wasn't're my kepocihness when i wasn't feeling like're my madness when i'm're my confidence when i'm in my lowest self're my mom's favourite when i'm not your mom's (haha!) you're my driver when i'm not feeling like're my honesty when i lied to my mom :P okei too much "you''re" so let me sums up..

you're simply my alter ego! <3

thanks for being there through thicks and thins.its been 18 years!! (we've known each other since tadika Islam i believe :D ) oh my gosh!! lets make it a decade then ;) and of cos i will always love u although sofie has taken all my love for you.haha giler sedih!:P but all in all.thanks for always being there for me.till death do us apart.hope you'll have the greatest birthday ever!! much love! xx

p/s: went out with my babe (kaem and nadz) last sunday.will update on the ayam penyet and hidung penyet (michael ;)

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Friday, November 21, 2008

crash and burn

guess what?my pc is crashed.yesterday evening everything was okei.dayme!so sad.but takpela.i still have the desktop at bro's room but i dun want to use just yet.later he guna sampai tak ingat!haha.giler dengki

anyways,i cooked tom yam kung yesterday.very delicious i tell u.haha.puji diri sendiri :P so okei.tomorrow i got ameer + eyman's family day in tropicana.will update soon!have a nice weekends baybehhh!! much love xx

for your eyes only.heee.enjoy!! ;p

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

you are what you eat?

ya Allah!!i had never felt this bloated before.this whole week is full with junks junks junks and more junks!tell me when is the time i had the healthiest food?? let me see..NONE!! last week i ate nasi minyak,fries@RASTA (sumpah sedap!!),then i had more fries and chicken chop.then i ate rice some more.and then this week lets starts with cheese spageti (twice!),then i had fries AGAIN,JIGS like almost 3 times in less than a week!and i had loads and loads of candies,and had chips ahoy! cookies like urm 5 cookies in less than 30mins?? giler okeii..and today! tadaa!! i had KFC,two pieces!mash potatoes,coleslaw,wedges,popcorn chicken and pepsi.(kenot escape!because a friend belanja me because i helped her to teach his son bahasa melayu and her son scored 5As.) wahlauuu!sila kira kalori saya!!!arghhh tension tension.serious tak pernah senafsu macam ni!!oh to add more,i am craving for COLD STONE ice cream ya ampunnnnnn!!!what is wrong with me??you are what u eat rite?so am i a junkie (penagih! ;p)

okei i better stop craving now.giler.dalam two weeks mau naik cam belon!gosh camni kena lari 5km gamaknyeee!!dang!have a nice wednesday =)

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Monday, November 17, 2008

i miss cute struch

what a day!!who have thought that my first week of NO could be tough shit! first i was feeling so0o at ease.switching on the pc.clicking here and there.surfing for a while.came in late.dreaming away.lazing around.when suddenly my new sv or shall i say team lead..started to flood me with thousandsss of questions!!huh!i wasn't even realizing that i was explaining to her for almost 3hours!but it was okei.she was more motherly type so i don't mind her asking me politely (she's pregnant.second child).it was 4pm when i have this crave for sumting cheesyyy (not cheesy pickup line.haha) and i want tall caramel frappucino with whip cream+choc chips pleaseee.

demm!i miss struch.i figured i just have to wait just a liiiillll bit more.4 months to go and who knows.. :)

so due to my craveness for cheeeeseee..went down to 7e.bought JIGS.dang!i had been eating LOADS of junk food lately.last week i had chicken chop,JIGS (again?),loads of choclaires,coffee junkie the whole week,maggi goreng,chips like 2 times with mayo.gosh!and as for today..i had spagetti with cheese sauce (its a meat sauce but i used my own creativity to modify the is supposed to be tomato or roasted mushroom or a mix of capsicum.but i used the cheese sauce instead and who can NOT loveee the cheese sauce!) and now i am feeling s0o fat!blame the hormones!;p anyways,here's my spaggeti in the making.nadz rugi tak datang tau.i ada spare for u lagi.he he.tapi i dah selamat makankan :P

the spageti when rebus ;p
the supposed to be yellowish cheese.but i mixed it with tomato sauce so that it taste yummilicous sour and cheeeesyyy
and tada!

sumpah sedap!haha.self compliment.i ate for two days in a row okay!(of cos i cooked different dish lah..) this is the only thing that i could cook very the fast and pro ;p if u ask me to cook masak lemak whatever sorry.i surrender ;p ok peeps.need to get some sleep.its the time of the month.the whole body is in superrr pain!! have a good monday.much love xx to u too struch ;)

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

hari yang perlahan

today's a BIG achievement for me.hehe.i finally jogged after more than a month!yeahh i know..i must be really thank God still have the stamina to do 4miles ;) although a bit tired..but i'm still cool B-) haha.anyways..wat a boring weekend!i miss my mom.and dad too!baru je last week kitorang pegi morning walk sama2.rindunyee..takde orang nak borak2 during the walk.but since today i tak sempat kut nak borak2.kang sompoit!;p today woke up at 8am and went to the park for a jog.balik2 terus basuh kete.kasi vacuum semua.siap wax and 11.30am siap2 plak nak pegi low yatt with lil bro.makan kat damas.ingat nak pekena char kuey teow dia yang masyuk tu.tutup plak aji don.bumped into ms kielly.and i finally said hi to her.she's super nice :) i knew that she stayed in damas since i always keep on bumping into her,but segan nak tegur.dia punyalah hawt..kita pakai baju kurung busuk je (bak kata ustazah einee.he he) next time definitely gonna say hi to her again ;)

adapter modem streamyx rosak.hangus tu yang kena pegi low yatt to buy a new modem.tadaaa!!sebab tulah harini baru nak membelog!sebab dah 3 hari tade net.memang taleh idup.bukan tade life.tapi sekarang dunia hanyalah di hujung jari.ecehh..ingat nak beli adapter je.tapi usha2 daripada beli adapter baru rm30++ baik beli modem baru terus.sama je harga dia (tambah lagi rm30 ;p) siap ada cable+adapter semua.router lagi.hoh!(padahal orang lain dah lama ada router.aku baru nak ada..kuix3) so saya berjaya melaksanakan semua plan saya pada harini.kecuali tak jumpa orang yang boleh design guitar pick.bodoh la orang kat CM.kemut giler takmo design on guitar pick.alasan,kecik sangat untuk nak lukis2 ke design2.siap cakap "nanti nak charge harga design sure harga pun tak munasabah".maksud dia.dia rugi!sebab design ciput je.dia nak design banyak2 so that dia untung sket.BOSAN GILER!! so i decided to buy my own and design sendiri.ape?ingat aku tak reti lukis ke?>:(

anyways...semalam pegi wedding zaireen (not me aa.zeren dak oz tu..) tapi malangnya..beta tidak membawa camera (tak percaya kan??erin tak bawak camera?! i knowww..haha) went with nadz,norid and ifa.bumped into eton and shikin rahman.and hikma too.although tak sempat nak borak2 panjang.but sempat buat lawak guling2 dalam kete.seb baik aku tak guling..mau terbalik kete kang :P (i was driving when nadz starts to buka cerita and buat lawak tak hengat!hohoho!) altho agak malas untuk pegi ke kebun pada mulanya.sebab takut jumpa orang tak kenal.but turned out it was ok ;) i had great laughs.. (sspians..mana tak gelak everytime jumpa.hehe) so balik2 terus pegi rasta plak.lepak2 makan.ingat nak pegi flyniversary.tapi lil bro pegi ngan kawan dia.jeles plak dari umah dengar fireworks semua.macam gempak abes!:P so sebab geram semalam macam wasted tak pegi gig..harini barulah nak mengaktifkan diri.jogging.basuh kete.pegi low yat beli modem.pegi CM cari gitar pick and designer.although hampa!but its okei.i'm gonna design my own then.he he.

anyways,mr sv sudah berambus.thank GOD!tapi at one point rasa cam i am s0o dead!cane nak handle sorang2 semua system nehhhh???? arghhh!!! i hope things will turn out ok.*finger crossed* so!random pics from random occassions.i nak tido.ngantuk!have a nice weekends peeps!much love! xx

this is mr sv
this is dani haris
this is amani
this is my sayang ameer <3
this is ameer and mia at ++ wondermilk ++
this is design gitar kutip
this is baju dari indon.thanks put!
this is barang keperluan seharian saya =)
this is eyman.adik ameer
this is saya dan nadz ke kenduri kawen

ok dah.bye! xx

p/s:saya suka lagu whistle for choir.dey..ur the best!<3

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

buatku tersenyum

i is so happy

talked to u tadi

now feel like eveready bateri

do work hepi hepi

no more sleepy sleepy

can tahan from malam til pagi

okei dah.i crazy

talk to u lagi

see u soon monkey!=)

p/s:lately malas nak post panjang2.haha.keje hectic giler.oh btw,i want this baby!can anyone give it to me as my birthday pressie? :D

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Saturday, November 08, 2008

where is u?

today i is so bored,how about u?

it's almost 96hours now,where is u?

fell asleep singing so many lagu

morning call.evening call.kenot get thru

todei so bored and tired too

so bosanlah tunggu tunggu

wonder wonder how is u

wait sum more but no u

wait wait nothing to do

end up boggling muka buku

i is no life.but what to do

but wait wait u

i is rindu

so tell me,where is u?

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

kinny minny miney moo!

halluuuuu..hows the land rocking?:P hehe.just got back from the land below the windd..sangat laa hawttt itu tempat!i got back with a bad sniff sniff and dry cough cough and of cos! red skin skin.haihh..dah macam udang bakar!even worse,i've never experienced such bad sunburnt that my scalp was burnt too!my sis told me it was red in color?? scarryyy..but it was great!i could see nemo,bapak nemo,mak nemo dan orang orang kampung nemo,dory,bon bon the ikan bontal,do do the landak laut,cumcum the sea cucumber,adeh i dunno the rest of the fish's name.but sangatla cantiks and besarrr!!!there's one pink fish is very agressive.she's trying to poke on my mask.but i likt's cute.garanggg tapi cute!:P ouh,now i am not afraid of the coral which looked like the human brain because i think it's cool ;) and i am so gonna buy the under water camera casing for my olympus cos i din know it could take pictures under water!sayangnyee tak beli awal2.but its gonna buy it before my next sea sun and sand vacation =)

sabah is a great place for vacation i tell u.except for the food and transportations cost.sangatlah mahal!i don't mind the food.but the unreasonable.but wattado.i was hoping to go to kinny.but to get to kinny cost another buckarooss!! like not worth it.i rather stay somewhere in kundasang.since our place is wayy further then those places.but it was's only four days anyways,so not much places could be covered :) first day was like..just hanging out at the hotel and our hotel is just beside the yeah.we spent the first day at the 1borneo mall!bosan i tell u!we went to eat and guess what?we watched movie!haha.giler bosan kan?sempat tengok cite "my bestfriend's girl" which i had a GREATTTT laugh!

second day was the shopping part.went to the phillipines market and went beserk over the pearls,crystals and i dunno what to buy!seriously!i just went passed the shops without buying anything.rambang mata please!but my friends did buy lotsa necklaces,bracelets,shirts,keychains,and god knows ape2 je derang least something to bring back as,came back with a monkey keychain.heh!;p but of cos most enjoyable part is definitely the manukan we sailing thru the an island where the fun begins!!

we went from the morning aroun 9am..(oh sabah is s0oo freaking hawt!!the sun rises before my eyes rise! haha) and sampai2 je terus terjun air.we started to dive in from 10-2pm!i knowww!! four freaking hours in the sea is madness!but i am s0o in love with the cute fish!serious like went to dive in the deep sea and saw cool weird cute fish!i can stay like that for hours!!i even get to hold nemo!comel!!oh the deeper you get the bigger the fish i saw this BAPAK nemo like besar tapak tangan.and they are s0oo menyebuk like poking poking on my was beyond uber coolness!=) so enjoy the pics!

so the next day.woke up at 5!gosh!memang jetlagged body clock abes confused!the 630am is like 9am!sampai2 je KL terus rasa cam nak pengsan.sempat jumpa fewie!my s0oo happy to see her.btw,she's married with one kid.and still looking hawt!! ;p

sabah was fun.maybe i will come again some's a nice place.who've thought that KK is not only famous for its mount kinabalu (people called it kinny) ada jugak pantai yang best me,i only spent less than rm50 to go to this island ;) so why not try bahh? :) okei a fever and now i'm overdrugged ;p need to catch my sleep!hope you had a great week!much love xx

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