Sunday, October 19, 2008

you gotta do what you gotta do

alhamdulillah.things are as planned this week.i 'puasa' 3 days,went to open house yesterday in shah alam and friend's wedding today in gombak.the wedding is supposed to be held in PD.but i don't think i could go to PD.because i wanna go to the cuppacakes show 04 event next weekend!can't wait.i wanna get free cuppacakes!and of course i wanna see the flea market.weeheee~!! and note that this is my first time to go to their event.selalu ada je hal taleh i hope i could make it?ada sape2 nak join? :D

need to 'puasa' another 3 days and i can get ready my tummy for borneo baby!!i really need the vacation with my great crazy friends.i wanna go to kelowna pleaseeee!!i need the cash!!can anyone spare me some change (urmm rm3000 please?:P).he he.see..i am getting out of my mind.bak kata mukhriz yang comel (ayuni yang kata mukhriz comel.aku tak kata.aku kata mukhriz kiut!hehe)

tg mukhriz : "obsess eh?"

erin : "eh taklahhh..biasa je.. (telinga dah panas.seb baik pakai tudung.ngeee =D

erk!amek ko!hehehe.okei2..saya akan cuba untuk bawak bertenang!*bernafas melalui hidung*kembang.kempis.kembang.kempis.okei dah.hehehe.saya akan cuba untuk tidak obsess.yosh!oh,thanks to all my dear friends.who left comments.i <3 you!and alhamdulillah i am feeling much better trying to face the cruel world on my own now.huh!(although i am not actually alone but i am alone in my own world..) i've decided to become azz's maid.sebab gaji dia 10pound sejam?!! wahhhh setahun je simpan dah cukup nak meroket ke destinasi seterusnya.hehe.okei.i kid.i kid.

i just wanna be happy.that's all i need.if happy come in pills.i will be overdosed!and i dun mind suiciding with happy long as it makes me happy.he he.don't worry.i am always like this.the next thing u know,i will be 'normal' again.saya memang begini.suka cakap ape ada kat kepala.kang saya cakap ape ada kat kaki kang korang pelik.tak ke? (opss bahasa dah terpengaruh dengan hadi si anak mat okay.i want to be lets live our life to the the sun and sink into glows your heart!have a nice weekends.esok keje!shucks! much love xx

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