Monday, October 27, 2008

woohoo woo hoo hoo!

hehe.i am singing kill bill woo hoo woo hoo hoo!!over and over again!!i had a greattttt weekends!!went to nilai for lela's open house :) ate sate and char kuey teow!yummm2!!went to pick up madine and off to nilai.and met fatty there

lepak till 4pm (after talking to calum for almost half an hour!didn't know he's talkative lel!!hahaha) then rushed home.was late for another open house.but it was only at my neighbour's went there aroun 7ish and came home at 8pm.hehe.dekat je.ate nasi dagang abit and spageti and cendol and rendang seketul je kutt..hehe.then ayuni sleptover at my place and we went to the curve menggila beli attitude tshirt for ourselves.and went caffeine craze.i ordered the usual caramel frappacino and turned out a guy was waiting for his caramel vanilla.and took our order instead!demmm!!i ordered with extra choc chips and whipped cream tau.(i even got the chips for free.patutnya kena charge ;p) so the barista has to make another they gave me the caramel vanilla for free!so i got MY order and another order for free!lucky us that ash came he can drink it for us =) meroyan kat the curve till 12am.jalan2 kat tengah jalan between ikea and the curve.took LOADS of pics.and headed home ;p

and the next day we woke up quite early to have breakfast at mcD@the we went to the curve again.and went to ikea.bought this wicked can for stuffs.and make jokes out of the weird names in IKEA.

erin: ko pruta aku eh??aku rajtan kang baru tau!!

ash:ko ni klobo betol!!aku speva gak kepala engko!!

*ahahahha..semua italic adalah perabot2 di ikea.giler lawak nama derang.siap aku boleh buat perkataan sendiri.hahaha*

and then later petang tu aroun 5ish decided to go to the cuppacakes show 04!it was greattt!!i came back with two uber cool japanese style bangles from shoplifters and free cuppacakes!!and i get to meet superdzu :) she IS supernice.the place is definitely uber coolness and sheeeekkkk.there were band performance by the lightcraft which was OKAY ;) tapi tak sempat beli cd sebab cam sangat crowded and meriahhhh..jezmine from the project runway malaysia pun ada bukak booth the old blossom the fuinki.i loike.

had the craziest sinful weekends!it was awesome!and what's more awesome.i got a long distance call from monkey!and a video too ;p stoked? u tell me =D esok keje.haih..have a great week.coz i'm off to borneo in 3 days baby!!<3 much love xx

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