Friday, October 31, 2008

other side of the world

i am feeling so anxious right now.haihh..taleh tido plak malam ni!am going to borneo tomorrow baby <3 thrill.excited.a bit sad pun ada.but entah.kenapa macam tak looking forward tiba2.arini keje sibuk sikit.dari pagi.masuk2 dah kena support customer issues.aku lah BA aku lah programmer.aku lah analyst.i hate and love my job at the same time.altho slowly i am accepting the fact that i can't leave the place not after a year.but pray for me so that i could get the scholarship.haih entahlah..its really complicated right now.too many things to think over but i have so little time.its almost november thing u know its 2009.cepat kan?? and guess what?? when its january..nadz dah nak kawen!!arrghhhh!!scarryyynyeee...i hate weddings when it comes to taking away my good friends.sedihnyeee!!! ok2..lets not get emotional here.

why am i not feeling well today?tell me?ouh i know.because when i typed this particular something and i could not find it sad is that?i dunno what kind of game is this.and i am definitely not enjoying right now.all i want to do now is trying to be ignorant and sail me to the other side of the world.and i really need this getaway.i need to go to the sea and i dunno..drown in the endless blue sky above me.aahhh..heaven.. (^___^)

oh well..i guess KT Tunstall was right..

And the fire fades away

Most of everyday

Is full of tired excuses

But it's too hard to say

I wish it were simple

But we give up easily

You're close enough to see that

You're on the other side of the world to me

hope i could sleep well tonight..altho my mind is far beyond imaginations.whatever happened to punk rock princess and garage band king(?)

borneo~ here i come!woo hoo~!! (weak voice)..tsk..much love xx

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