Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my daily dose of happiness

wahhh..the word is finally out.yesterday mr sv called me for a meeting.i guess he had been holding back for too long!how can i NOT see that he's leaving?! he sent the resign letter since last month!ya Allah..i guess i was too excited to go back early for berbuka.or balik kampung or even,stressed by the workloads he gave me! (no wonder he was s0oo stressed during ramadhan)rupanya dia nak berhenti keje.dah tak tahan kut keja kat situ.he said that the management is not handling the staffs really well.haishh..tell me about that?i am finally a permanent staff (alaa..itu pun sebab mr sv nak blah.takkan dia taknak confirmedkan i lagi.if not, dia sure taleh blah punya.tsk.tsk)grrr...but apepun..i was ready when he told me that he is resigning.and he was shocked to see that i wasn't,ini erin la!i got the stories before you even wanna tell me.(remember la bodega?:P)..well whatsoever,i am hoping that i will be prepared to handle this as my new challenge.bak kata my dad "amacam jadi bos?best?" hoh!still kuli la dadddd..selagi mr sv tak keluar and altho mr sv dah kuar.forever kuli.huhu..

and hey!i'm getting my daily dose of happy pills nowadays.from mr smith of cos!heee =D he knows i miss him!siap sound saya,"you have to be a little bit of a monkey to ever have fun!..who misses me".aiyark!:"> hanya mampu sengih.obviouskah saya?:P i dun mind getting overdose,remember?as long as i am happy.and no.i am not obsessing mukhriz!dun i can do my work smiling from ears to ears.and go to sleep without wondering what time is it well,gotta crash bed now.tomorrow got makan makan with the's cooking lontong for them.and there will be nasi minyak+ayam masak merah,char kuey teow,rendang ayam,satay!,fruit salad and lemang.gosh!banyaknyee...this is season finale of open house!sabtu ada dua open house.ahad plak nak pegi makan +cuppacakes+ giler sebulan meroyan makan macam takde hari esok (eat like there's no tomorrow).haha.azz and denise,jangan jealous.sila balik mesia cepat2 if nak merasa masakan yang sedap2 nih.hehehe.miss u girls!and nadz+kaem toooooo <3 nite!much love xx

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