Monday, October 06, 2008

bloated.happy.missing chunkie munkie

alhamdulillah.i had a great whole week in was not uber fun but just the way i want it.arrived in kelantan 2 days before raya.had the usual fireworks before the eve.

had makan2 with all the usual masakan kampung : gulai kawah,budu,sambal cili mama tok,ikan tawar,ulam raja,krisik,daging bakar and of course daging was the best ever.the first day raya was not as bad as i thought.altho i misses kakak and amani alot.i wanted to cry but i tried my best to be happy.i miss her alot.but we did video call all the way from KB.she was stoked.and so was i.but all in all.i can always see her when i'm back =)

first raya,we had the usual satay.and off to cik sie's house for nasi hujan panas.i ate just a little portion.feared that i'll have the same geri and muntah2 =( so i better be cautious.hee..but of course the food was irresistable.took the usual family pic.this year another cute boy is added to our family.muhammad eyman syafi is all grown up lil baby.but of course,wish kakak+abg amin and lil amani was there for the family photo :(

and this year.its the first time for me giving duit raya for the lil cousins.there's 16 of them!mind you!!plus with my niece+nephews and brother.20 all of them.i'm broke.but happy ;p

off to pasir mas to meet long's family,met cousin,timie.but forgot to take pic with her.haish.saw her ipanema sandals.chet!everyone has it.i want it too!!;p then off to tok su's house.ate kuzi.yummy!but not in the mood to eat.already bloated.then off to gual's stepmom's was hawt.or was it WE were hawt.hehe.ate laksa kelantan and headed back to bachok.end of day 1 of raya.

2nd day of raya

went to cik na's house.had the fabulicious roti jala.this time i ate 7!!heuheu.but mind you.just the roti jala nasi or anything =p

then went to tok cupu's's first dad.and had soto for lunch at tok yah's house.super yummy.and headed home.too tired eating too much!:P end of day 2 of raya

3rd day of raya

it's mom's birthday but we did not go anywhere.just lazing aroun the house cause mom got 'urut' sessions to went to pantai bachok at night to have nasi air and satay (again).the nasi air was uberrrr yummy!had the crunchy things inside (peparu goreng,ikan bilis,lobak jeruk,and beef) headed home since its already 11pm.end of day 3

4th day of raya

went to KB.headed to che's senior when i was in usual LOST.cause it's been 3 years since i last went to his house.but it's ok.had the yummy fried beehoon,and his mom's yummy homemade 'colek'.(even got a bottle from his mom to bring back to KL ;p) and i even got duit raya from him.heee =p i dun care!i want my duit raya as promised.he he.

then off to new horizon.had lunch there for mom's birthday.i was really full.but ate small portion of rice with all the usual lauk like daging masak merah,tomyam (was superb!!),udang masak tepung,padprik and banana split for dessert!!yum2!!:P

then headed back to bachok.fulled and sleepy.woke up at 6 and off to pcb with lil cousins before heading back to KL the next day.

headed home at 730pm.and had soto for dinner at cik sie's again.for the last time.sob.sob

5th day of raya

its time to leave.had a great time in kelantan.took loads of pics.and stoked to head back to KL.woke up as early as beat the traffic.

but wrong timing.stucked in jammed like forever.the journey ended after 10 fudging hours!!

too tired.arrived home and did the laundry.crashed the bed as early as 10pm.tire myself to sleep.lucky me.i'm still on leave till i can send my baby to car spa ;p and me,lazing around waiting for my first open house tonight.hope u had a great raya!=)

i miss my chunkie!(T_T)

i miss my monkey..

have a nice day peeps.happy working.cause i'm not working today ;p much love xx

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