Friday, October 31, 2008

other side of the world

i am feeling so anxious right now.haihh..taleh tido plak malam ni!am going to borneo tomorrow baby <3 thrill.excited.a bit sad pun ada.but entah.kenapa macam tak looking forward tiba2.arini keje sibuk sikit.dari pagi.masuk2 dah kena support customer issues.aku lah BA aku lah programmer.aku lah analyst.i hate and love my job at the same time.altho slowly i am accepting the fact that i can't leave the place not after a year.but pray for me so that i could get the scholarship.haih entahlah..its really complicated right now.too many things to think over but i have so little time.its almost november thing u know its 2009.cepat kan?? and guess what?? when its january..nadz dah nak kawen!!arrghhhh!!scarryyynyeee...i hate weddings when it comes to taking away my good friends.sedihnyeee!!! ok2..lets not get emotional here.

why am i not feeling well today?tell me?ouh i know.because when i typed this particular something and i could not find it sad is that?i dunno what kind of game is this.and i am definitely not enjoying right now.all i want to do now is trying to be ignorant and sail me to the other side of the world.and i really need this getaway.i need to go to the sea and i dunno..drown in the endless blue sky above me.aahhh..heaven.. (^___^)

oh well..i guess KT Tunstall was right..

And the fire fades away

Most of everyday

Is full of tired excuses

But it's too hard to say

I wish it were simple

But we give up easily

You're close enough to see that

You're on the other side of the world to me

hope i could sleep well tonight..altho my mind is far beyond imaginations.whatever happened to punk rock princess and garage band king(?)

borneo~ here i come!woo hoo~!! (weak voice)..tsk..much love xx

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Monday, October 27, 2008

woohoo woo hoo hoo!

hehe.i am singing kill bill woo hoo woo hoo hoo!!over and over again!!i had a greattttt weekends!!went to nilai for lela's open house :) ate sate and char kuey teow!yummm2!!went to pick up madine and off to nilai.and met fatty there

lepak till 4pm (after talking to calum for almost half an hour!didn't know he's talkative lel!!hahaha) then rushed home.was late for another open house.but it was only at my neighbour's went there aroun 7ish and came home at 8pm.hehe.dekat je.ate nasi dagang abit and spageti and cendol and rendang seketul je kutt..hehe.then ayuni sleptover at my place and we went to the curve menggila beli attitude tshirt for ourselves.and went caffeine craze.i ordered the usual caramel frappacino and turned out a guy was waiting for his caramel vanilla.and took our order instead!demmm!!i ordered with extra choc chips and whipped cream tau.(i even got the chips for free.patutnya kena charge ;p) so the barista has to make another they gave me the caramel vanilla for free!so i got MY order and another order for free!lucky us that ash came he can drink it for us =) meroyan kat the curve till 12am.jalan2 kat tengah jalan between ikea and the curve.took LOADS of pics.and headed home ;p

and the next day we woke up quite early to have breakfast at mcD@the we went to the curve again.and went to ikea.bought this wicked can for stuffs.and make jokes out of the weird names in IKEA.

erin: ko pruta aku eh??aku rajtan kang baru tau!!

ash:ko ni klobo betol!!aku speva gak kepala engko!!

*ahahahha..semua italic adalah perabot2 di ikea.giler lawak nama derang.siap aku boleh buat perkataan sendiri.hahaha*

and then later petang tu aroun 5ish decided to go to the cuppacakes show 04!it was greattt!!i came back with two uber cool japanese style bangles from shoplifters and free cuppacakes!!and i get to meet superdzu :) she IS supernice.the place is definitely uber coolness and sheeeekkkk.there were band performance by the lightcraft which was OKAY ;) tapi tak sempat beli cd sebab cam sangat crowded and meriahhhh..jezmine from the project runway malaysia pun ada bukak booth the old blossom the fuinki.i loike.

had the craziest sinful weekends!it was awesome!and what's more awesome.i got a long distance call from monkey!and a video too ;p stoked? u tell me =D esok keje.haih..have a great week.coz i'm off to borneo in 3 days baby!!<3 much love xx

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


nurul nadia ibrahim!!you are officially 12 plus 12 years old!! happy birthday den!!ur the clumsiest,smartest,menggelabahest (ada ke such word),kecohest!,happiest,bubbliest,jiwangest bedmate i've ever had.and u are definitely a precious one!=) hope u will have a great birthday bash altho abu's not aroun but jauh di mata,dekat di hati.(bak kata azz!;p) wishing u all the happiness in the world cause u deserve it!love u babe!!may Allah bless you always xx

ok interval.hehe.esok nak pegi house lagi.lel just got back from borneo meeting her tomorrow.altho tak tau kenapa rajin bebenor nak pegi ke sana.hahaha.sabooo je la..ouh now i know..because i invited all the people i could think of right now like mala,madine,malino,eija,fiza,inarah,aisyah sam,nadz,kaem and i dunno who else!so i hope there are people who's gonna go ;p tuan rumah pun bagitau last minutes.anyhowww,lately dah start sv is slowly handing over the projects to the CPS team.(there are new people merging into the teams to help me out because i am the only VB programmer left.hoh!) so everyday ada meeting.not just that,hari hari jugak si mamat client yang suka merujuk aku daripada merujuk mr sv aku menelefon private line ku.huh!sengal sungguh.kalau time tension,memang sengaja silentkan phone buat2 tak dengar.boleh?lantak ko!hohoho.

lately jugak duk mengulang dengar lagu thailand.haha.sure tak caya kan?? best woo..layan abes!the song that is currently playing on this blog is a thai song sang by..u can see from the fetish's displayed.muehehe.malas nak sebut sebab nanti orang google lagu ni terjumpa plak page aku.huh!tak best.lagu ni direkemen pakcik paul sebab tu dia sedap.haha.tapi tak payah dia rekemen pun i think its a good song.the babe's voice is rock on!!i loike!so dengan ini beta menjadikan ia ringtone rasmi beta.hehe.kalah dakota by stereophonics tu!! ;p aiks!can't wait next week!! am off to borneo baby!!! <3 gotta go now.hafta wake up a l0oongg journey to go!! have a nice weekends.nite2!! happy birthday again,den! much love xx

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my daily dose of happiness

wahhh..the word is finally out.yesterday mr sv called me for a meeting.i guess he had been holding back for too long!how can i NOT see that he's leaving?! he sent the resign letter since last month!ya Allah..i guess i was too excited to go back early for berbuka.or balik kampung or even,stressed by the workloads he gave me! (no wonder he was s0oo stressed during ramadhan)rupanya dia nak berhenti keje.dah tak tahan kut keja kat situ.he said that the management is not handling the staffs really well.haishh..tell me about that?i am finally a permanent staff (alaa..itu pun sebab mr sv nak blah.takkan dia taknak confirmedkan i lagi.if not, dia sure taleh blah punya.tsk.tsk)grrr...but apepun..i was ready when he told me that he is resigning.and he was shocked to see that i wasn't,ini erin la!i got the stories before you even wanna tell me.(remember la bodega?:P)..well whatsoever,i am hoping that i will be prepared to handle this as my new challenge.bak kata my dad "amacam jadi bos?best?" hoh!still kuli la dadddd..selagi mr sv tak keluar and altho mr sv dah kuar.forever kuli.huhu..

and hey!i'm getting my daily dose of happy pills nowadays.from mr smith of cos!heee =D he knows i miss him!siap sound saya,"you have to be a little bit of a monkey to ever have fun!..who misses me".aiyark!:"> hanya mampu sengih.obviouskah saya?:P i dun mind getting overdose,remember?as long as i am happy.and no.i am not obsessing mukhriz!dun i can do my work smiling from ears to ears.and go to sleep without wondering what time is it well,gotta crash bed now.tomorrow got makan makan with the's cooking lontong for them.and there will be nasi minyak+ayam masak merah,char kuey teow,rendang ayam,satay!,fruit salad and lemang.gosh!banyaknyee...this is season finale of open house!sabtu ada dua open house.ahad plak nak pegi makan +cuppacakes+ giler sebulan meroyan makan macam takde hari esok (eat like there's no tomorrow).haha.azz and denise,jangan jealous.sila balik mesia cepat2 if nak merasa masakan yang sedap2 nih.hehehe.miss u girls!and nadz+kaem toooooo <3 nite!much love xx

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

you gotta do what you gotta do

alhamdulillah.things are as planned this week.i 'puasa' 3 days,went to open house yesterday in shah alam and friend's wedding today in gombak.the wedding is supposed to be held in PD.but i don't think i could go to PD.because i wanna go to the cuppacakes show 04 event next weekend!can't wait.i wanna get free cuppacakes!and of course i wanna see the flea market.weeheee~!! and note that this is my first time to go to their event.selalu ada je hal taleh i hope i could make it?ada sape2 nak join? :D

need to 'puasa' another 3 days and i can get ready my tummy for borneo baby!!i really need the vacation with my great crazy friends.i wanna go to kelowna pleaseeee!!i need the cash!!can anyone spare me some change (urmm rm3000 please?:P).he he.see..i am getting out of my mind.bak kata mukhriz yang comel (ayuni yang kata mukhriz comel.aku tak kata.aku kata mukhriz kiut!hehe)

tg mukhriz : "obsess eh?"

erin : "eh taklahhh..biasa je.. (telinga dah panas.seb baik pakai tudung.ngeee =D

erk!amek ko!hehehe.okei2..saya akan cuba untuk bawak bertenang!*bernafas melalui hidung*kembang.kempis.kembang.kempis.okei dah.hehehe.saya akan cuba untuk tidak obsess.yosh!oh,thanks to all my dear friends.who left comments.i <3 you!and alhamdulillah i am feeling much better trying to face the cruel world on my own now.huh!(although i am not actually alone but i am alone in my own world..) i've decided to become azz's maid.sebab gaji dia 10pound sejam?!! wahhhh setahun je simpan dah cukup nak meroket ke destinasi seterusnya.hehe.okei.i kid.i kid.

i just wanna be happy.that's all i need.if happy come in pills.i will be overdosed!and i dun mind suiciding with happy long as it makes me happy.he he.don't worry.i am always like this.the next thing u know,i will be 'normal' again.saya memang begini.suka cakap ape ada kat kepala.kang saya cakap ape ada kat kaki kang korang pelik.tak ke? (opss bahasa dah terpengaruh dengan hadi si anak mat okay.i want to be lets live our life to the the sun and sink into glows your heart!have a nice weekends.esok keje!shucks! much love xx

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

go on and leave

i need a getaway.maybe off to kelowna.where i can laugh all day with monkey.or move to dakota where i can sing all day.maybe i'll just go to i can meet chunkie whenever i want.or maybe off to tioman with alang.oceans had always put my mind at ease.or maybe off to london and become azz's maid for life.hah??i dunno.u tell me?

i discovered that mr sv is leaving soon.great!just what i needed.a greaaaatttttttt reason for me to stuck here forever!haihhh..why is everyone leaving me??pegilah!go on and leave.its not like i care anyway..great!shadap u!

p/s:if i don't care..why am i feeling miserable??

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

kenapa nama saya bukan mon?

wahhhh what a weekend!!had a greatttt one.the whole week turned out to be s0o takde marah2.weird.but happy =) and till friday buat keje dengan sangat bersemangat.maybe sebab nak kipas kasi confirm.hoh!woke up dayme early yesterday.went to the park with to pasar for breakfast with nadz.sempat bergossip2 for two hours!=D and then headed home to siap2 to go to lela's open house in pd.mak aih.sesat barat.okei blame it on me (redha je) sebab tak mendengar arahan kak yana.but's my first time alasan diterima ;p thanks to kaem sebab sudi jadi driver =) *muacks*

later today had some cousins came over for ordered gu's nasi dagang and cooked spagetti for the side dishes.ramai jugak datang.nak dekat 20 orang.semuanya anak2 buah papa yang datang.wakilkan parents derang yang duduk kat kelantan.hehe.the kids plak were all adorable!!!geram ngan danial!putih melepak.and hazrina reminds me of me!;)

adam ashraf
alfian danial
we are all 4 years gap 24+28+32+36 =)

kenapa nama saya bukan mon?
nama saya amani =)
us =)

haaaa..what a day.still kenyang till malam.and now am not sleepy sebab petang tadi penat giler and tertido from 430 til 630 ;p but!i hafta sleep.hafta get a fresh start,i need to do the enhancement on time =D kenapa nama saya bukan mon?sebab kalau nama saya mon.encik smith dah bercakap dengan saya.sebab cik mon mendapat kabar dari encik smith pada harini.tetapi tidak saya.sebab saya bukan mon =( have a good monday peeps.much love xx

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Monday, October 06, 2008

bloated.happy.missing chunkie munkie

alhamdulillah.i had a great whole week in was not uber fun but just the way i want it.arrived in kelantan 2 days before raya.had the usual fireworks before the eve.

had makan2 with all the usual masakan kampung : gulai kawah,budu,sambal cili mama tok,ikan tawar,ulam raja,krisik,daging bakar and of course daging was the best ever.the first day raya was not as bad as i thought.altho i misses kakak and amani alot.i wanted to cry but i tried my best to be happy.i miss her alot.but we did video call all the way from KB.she was stoked.and so was i.but all in all.i can always see her when i'm back =)

first raya,we had the usual satay.and off to cik sie's house for nasi hujan panas.i ate just a little portion.feared that i'll have the same geri and muntah2 =( so i better be cautious.hee..but of course the food was irresistable.took the usual family pic.this year another cute boy is added to our family.muhammad eyman syafi is all grown up lil baby.but of course,wish kakak+abg amin and lil amani was there for the family photo :(

and this year.its the first time for me giving duit raya for the lil cousins.there's 16 of them!mind you!!plus with my niece+nephews and brother.20 all of them.i'm broke.but happy ;p

off to pasir mas to meet long's family,met cousin,timie.but forgot to take pic with her.haish.saw her ipanema sandals.chet!everyone has it.i want it too!!;p then off to tok su's house.ate kuzi.yummy!but not in the mood to eat.already bloated.then off to gual's stepmom's was hawt.or was it WE were hawt.hehe.ate laksa kelantan and headed back to bachok.end of day 1 of raya.

2nd day of raya

went to cik na's house.had the fabulicious roti jala.this time i ate 7!!heuheu.but mind you.just the roti jala nasi or anything =p

then went to tok cupu's's first dad.and had soto for lunch at tok yah's house.super yummy.and headed home.too tired eating too much!:P end of day 2 of raya

3rd day of raya

it's mom's birthday but we did not go anywhere.just lazing aroun the house cause mom got 'urut' sessions to went to pantai bachok at night to have nasi air and satay (again).the nasi air was uberrrr yummy!had the crunchy things inside (peparu goreng,ikan bilis,lobak jeruk,and beef) headed home since its already 11pm.end of day 3

4th day of raya

went to KB.headed to che's senior when i was in usual LOST.cause it's been 3 years since i last went to his house.but it's ok.had the yummy fried beehoon,and his mom's yummy homemade 'colek'.(even got a bottle from his mom to bring back to KL ;p) and i even got duit raya from him.heee =p i dun care!i want my duit raya as promised.he he.

then off to new horizon.had lunch there for mom's birthday.i was really full.but ate small portion of rice with all the usual lauk like daging masak merah,tomyam (was superb!!),udang masak tepung,padprik and banana split for dessert!!yum2!!:P

then headed back to bachok.fulled and sleepy.woke up at 6 and off to pcb with lil cousins before heading back to KL the next day.

headed home at 730pm.and had soto for dinner at cik sie's again.for the last time.sob.sob

5th day of raya

its time to leave.had a great time in kelantan.took loads of pics.and stoked to head back to KL.woke up as early as beat the traffic.

but wrong timing.stucked in jammed like forever.the journey ended after 10 fudging hours!!

too tired.arrived home and did the laundry.crashed the bed as early as 10pm.tire myself to sleep.lucky me.i'm still on leave till i can send my baby to car spa ;p and me,lazing around waiting for my first open house tonight.hope u had a great raya!=)

i miss my chunkie!(T_T)

i miss my monkey..

have a nice day peeps.happy working.cause i'm not working today ;p much love xx

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