Wednesday, September 03, 2008

rocking angels rocking crowd

sorry peeps.haven't blog since i got back from malacca.woww!!i can't believed it!!we've made it!! avril concert and malacca!alhamdulillah..nothing went wrong except for a lil incident while picking up nuwen at bangsar.anyhouu,went to avril's concert with chunkie was superrrr maniac!we dressed up in black,white and pink.though felt like high school girls for a while.but what the heck!bukan selalu pun :P we sang to all of the songs (most of it.coz there are songs that i am not familiar with) ouh farez,nuwen's guy friend.was there too!yang best nye..he came with his brother and guy cousin.and guess what?? derang hafal semua lagu avril!gempak abes!!tercabar kewibawaan aku sebagai mati keras kipas avril.hehehe.sneak peek of avril's concert

there's more pics uploaded in fb ;) down to malacca..

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