Sunday, September 14, 2008

malacca part II : sneakkkyyy snakkee

as promised.second day in malacca.was the besttt!!we had breakfast at the guest house.we woke up at 9.end up in the restaurant at 10.missed the parade.but we made our own parade to the fort ;p we had a great time.and met a new friend =)

but anyhow,lucky us to bump into good paul.he is super funny.and cute too ;) he became our tourguide on our last day.went to the fort,and walk aroun the city.we spent 3hours.goofing around and took pictures with sneeeakkkyy snakee..then we have to leave at 2 :(

it's time to go noww..

we love this place.will come again soon!;)

we're gonna miss malacca =(

and we definitely doesnt want to go back :(

we had a great time in malacca.we had always wanted to stay longer.but i have to work and it was ramadhan.hope that we could go there again.or maybe another trip with island maybe ;) can't wait for her to come back to malaysia for good.took the taxi to the station with paul.he wanted to buy his ticket to KL the next day.and we splitted.rode the bus and head back to KL.we wish we meet him sooner.but i guess there's a reason.. ;)

he came to KL the next day!and we went to CM ;)

malacca is definitely a historical city =D for me..heeee..crashing the bed now.and wake up late the next day =) have a nice weekends peeps!much love xx

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