Friday, September 05, 2008

malacca day I : you make me so hot!

caution : this entry might be toooooo longgg..sape rajin je boleh at your own risk :P

we came back late the night before.after the show we were super hungry.altho we were damn tired and all we wanted was just to crash the bed.but chunkie and me were realllyyyy reallly we went to rasta to get some food.betapa penatnya kami,we decided to take away je ;p i ate halfway..and headed to bed.since we hafta wake up early the next day.bed crashed : 230 am.shucks!

so we woke up early and dad sent us to the bangsar lrt.took the train to pudu and had breakfast@mcD =)

road to malacca : it's so hot!

it took 2 hours from kl-malacca.and we were damn tired from the previous we talked for an hour and the rest..we just slept ;p and bangun2 dah sampai ayer keroh.

dah sampai!!

it was really sunny that day..and i just love it!!so i can took good pictures as i don't need to use any flashes.the sun did the rest ;)

the place where we stayed called voyage traveller.which is uber cool.the place was like back in the olden days.seriously.the wall,the chairs,the counter and of course the music with the soooothing ambience :D

the room we stayed in was actually for free!!how lucky is that??hehe.dahla sampai2 rasa macam excited giler..sekali rupa2nya our room dah overriden masa buat online booking.ingat dah kena balik KL.sekali alhamdulillah.the owner of the place cakap he will give us to stay FOR FREE!! diatas kesilapan teknikal dia.kitorang ape lagi?!! menjerit meloncat2 la~!! we need not to worry to pay the kitorang buat macam bilik kitorang sendiri!;) ouh,and actually the double room cost only rm70 per night!cheappp kan?? but we got the single room since the double's fully booked.but we got extra matresses for free least we have a place to stay.. ;)

so after checked in,we decided to jalan jalan cari jodoh~~ eh!i mean makan ;p it was really hot that day.but we loveddddd the sun!!it's totally opposite with off we went to jonker street..makan+shopping!

we had our lunch at the tranquerah bistro.the only halal restaurant we could find.sebab restaurant melayu ;p yang lain bersepah2 restaurant cina.but the food was biasa je ;p the have specialities for ikan asam pedas.but we weren't in the mood for pedas food :)

then we went jalan2 some more.and walked along the streets.seriously,the place felt like kyoto!s0o nostalgic!the buildings are c0olness!too bad,i was s0o 'into' the stuffs and we could not take photos inside the shops.bummer!

we went to had the famous cendol.but the weather was freakinnggg hot and it was only 5?? so we hangout at the cendol shop for a while before heading home for a rest.since we were both still tired from the concert.but we've spotted the shops that we wanted to go we headed home to freshen up and we go out again at 8.cari makan and jalan2 some more ;p we thought of having ikan bakar@umbai.but the locals said that we need to take a cab there.which is jauhhh!!and we are s0o not used to the area.kang kena we decided to have dinner at the bistro again ;p although it was 30th of august,so we wanted to see the fireworks for the merdeka.but the place was too far from where we stayed so we decided to jalan2 at jonker instead.and hoping we could stand for another 2 hours before midnight.but i guess where were just too we head reenergize for the next day =)

**** end of day one *****

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