Monday, August 11, 2008

praying for happy thoughts

woww!! i am freaking eyes are dry.the aircond sucks.the weather throat feels body ached.sleeping on the floor for another one,wait!till forever!i hate it.seriously.with the stress and everything..i need good sleep and of course a good bed.ya Allah..lets get pass this.lets talk about happy thoughts *finger crossed*

hmmm.. okei lets see..someone's coming back anytime soon!like urm..5 more days!! weeee~~ and my dear nadz is getting engaged~~ woww!!time flies man.and me,on the other hand had been working here for 10months.woww!! loyal giler!! *despite the grumble bumble bubble.haih* (ok2 ignore about work.again,i could not help but to 'sentil' about can be really contagious and eating my happy thoughts out!:p) i wonder how is alang doing in lundy.she had been so quiet for a while.miss her too!haihh..i miss my lundy girls.i wonder how are they doing.are they as stressful as i lonely as i am (lonely in my working world.luar office lain cerita) susahnyeeee jadi the only head is bursting and my eyes are popping!! gaji tak naik2.dah nak dekat setahun tau!ya Allah..see! another work sentilan.i just can't help.cepat2 la chunkie balik.i need to laugh till i drop and forget the world for a while.i want to find a great escape.from the damn cruel world.hoh!menciiii~!!!

whatsoever~ i declared.on hiatus! till nadz's engagement.heee =D lead a happy life people.u only live once.. much love xx

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