Monday, August 25, 2008

welcome to my world

what a weekend!!had an exam yesterday.from 9am to 430pm.berasap je otak!slept at 3am the night before.konon nak study.but of course.crash course in 5 hours is totally bullshit!on the same day,took a leave.KONON nak study for the exam.but did not remember that i took half day leave on that he called me from hlb and asked me to go down there at 11am?? i got like an hour before taking off for my so called halfday.i guess it was my bad day.when i only have rm10 in my fuel strucked at the 3rd i headed to hlb.tick tock tick tock.and the clock strucked 1pm!mr sv is definitely making me cursing in my head.baru je plan nak park kat situ for an hour.end up!! it was 2 hours and guess what?? i have to pay rm9!! fish!!!so i paid.but mr sv asked me to send some files to our project manager at the office on my way back.

dalam hati menyumpah2!!aku nak pegi tempah baju raya la bengong!!nak study lagi!so disebabkan ketak ikhlasan hatiku..i accidently took the route to the kompleks kerajaan on my way back to office.ANDDDD..i took the wrong turn and end up!! at the Jalan Duta's TOLL.shit!i got only rm1 in my hands and i dare not to get thru the i parked my car at the side of the roads.with emergency lights on.lantakla orang nak pikir ape.with no credit left.memang bad day giler.i texted my mom."call me back.penting!!" lepas tu...menggelabah cerita kat dia yang i'm lost,broke and i don't know where was i and what should i's angry.(this is not my first time getting lost in KL.dope!) mom told me to wait for my dad to come back from the friday i hung up.i texted nadz.TGI friday betul la!nadz called me back and asked me how much money left in my hands.korek punya korek (note:i only have coins) tengok2 ada rm2.nadz told me i could take the toll and it will lead me to kota damansara.fewh!LEGAAAAA gilee!!! demm!!it was 230pm.half day,my A#@!!so took the toll.and arrived home safely.thanks nadz!!! u saved my day!! <33 BUT..remember that i have not send the files to my project manager yet?wildboar betul la!!so checked my fuel.demm!tinggal dua bar.but pegi jugak redah..clock striked 3,dang!headed to office and mission accomplished!

memang cacai gilerrr!!sampai2 umah dah kol 4.mak ajak pegi tempah baju raya.bagus!!aku dah berpeluh2 macam oink2 kena pegi ukur badan plak.huh!sebab takde baju raya..pegi la jugak.balik2 dah pukul 5!!whatde?? study kebende nyee??halfday celah mana?? X( end up.slept at 6pm.tired.and woke up at then otak dah malas.penat and tak larat!at 10 study maths *konon* then sambung baca sejarah til 3am.giler!the next sis knocked on my door pagi2 buta (adehhhh baru ingat nak bangun kol 730!) "erin..kakak punya water broke i was like "what???kejap2 saya call mama" mom and dad was in masjid.solat subuh.urged them to rush home.terus hantar kakak masuk was nervous.both her daughters in a serious situation. me : exam :P kakak : labor!!

alhamdulillah.dapat baby girl!! yeayyy!! my first niece!!welcome to the world cutie

she looked like chinese kann?? we call her baby beijing *since it's olympics,kann??:P*

so today..i am really really tired.i was awake since 730~~~until now.12.10 am.had a great day today.i have TWO lunch at the chillis with my officemates.and another one with my old school friends from ttdi@itallianies.the food was good!*much better than chillis : chilli's oily and salty *bluergh!* and i could say it's quite cheap to eat at italiannies if you share the food coz the portion is HUGE.took loads of pics with them catching up about school friends,old memories acetra but will upload and update later.too tired now.hehe.oklah.will c u when i c u ;p crashing bed now.nite nite peeps.much love xx

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