Sunday, August 17, 2008

she is engaged!!

congrats nadz!!!hehehe.ingat lagi time u bergaduh and decided to take a time off from each other.but guess what?? Allah had plans for you! are now officially engaged to the one and only darling sofie!!*macam takde orang lain nama sofie je.hehe* she looked DAMN pretty!!i lovee the laces every where!!don't tell me luar dalam eh!hehehe.kidding ;p but goshh!! i am s0oo happy for you!! the occasion was simple and nice.and nadz was like 'kenot duduk diam' on the sofa.i bet she's nervous.ramai okei.penuh satu rumah.i and nad'z other friends tercenguk je kat tangga.tangkap gamba pun angle shot side je dapat ;p while waiting for the khutbah pertunangan.apekah(?) hehe.yep.there was a khutbah!i pun first time dengar.but it was short and simple.and the next thing you know~~~ bling bling on her fing~! here's photos during the ceremony.enjoy! =)

the mummy

the runang and tunang ;p

she's engaged!!

the after math

the amah and pencuci yang ceria ;p

that's a was tiringg..altho i din help that much.but i bet nadz's lagi penat.3 hari kut for the prep.but it all went well.and i had 5 glasses of yummy syrup and those nice kurma was yummilicious~!!!wish azz was here too =) i bet she could use her camera to take loads and loads of pics.(ur camera kan macam pro punya ;p ) all in all..alhamdulillah and congrat nadz.may it last for eternity =) God bless! much love xx

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