Thursday, August 21, 2008

his story of cuppacakes lazy to study.baru baca 7 muka surat dah terlelap til morning plak's like reading a bedtime story.i had always have trouble with 'cerita-dia' a.k.a history.mengantuk okeiii..but tu lah.the exam needs me to study on the Malaysia's history.adehhh..memang penyet aa.but i'm working on it.i even take a half day of on this i could rest and think,dey had come to rescue the kitties and she is super duper happy with her twins! macam dah ada anak!tak sabar nak balik keje sebab nak balik tengok twins.hiks!comel giler!

and she came to my house bringing this super duper yummie cuppacakes~~chouuu oishiiiii!!!mula2 tengok sepi je kat cuppacakes sebab kekenyangannnn sangat2 masa tu.end up bringing the cuties to office the next day.mula2 nak test je the cookies and cream.tengok macam menarik kan..lepas tu terus like OMG!sedappp nak mati!!! and later dey provoked me to eat the choc one and ya Allah ni lagi la!!sumpah sedap!moist gilerrr!! and superrrrr chocolaty taste!*betul ke aku eja cokeleti?*thanks deyyy~~~ i even wanted to eat the other two (she gave me a box of four) but reminded by dey to give it to mom ;p sebab mom bagi kucing kat dia.he he.kalau tak diingatkan..dah selamat dah all four cupcakes tu i telan =p

this is the choc one.

serious i termimpi2 lagi nih!!nak pegi beli lagi boleh?(tapi diet semua lari dahla minggu ni indulged banyak giler chocs!timeout chocettes dah dua packets.then seng mun gave me his mini chipsmore.i had 3 cups of coffee this week.semuanya manis2!!! my box of hippieness pun dah abes.baru dua minggu.tapi dah abes.but adala effect dia sket ;p so tak ralat sangat.and gosh! time flies s0o fudging fast!tengok2 nadz dah tunang.exam dah dekat.concert dah dekat.puasa lagi dua minggu(?) woww!! cepat gilerrr!!and i can't wait for next meeting chunkie!hey hey you you~~ can't wait to see u!!all tix and reservations for our trip are done.all we have to do is wait for the day!and hope gg could be our tour guide too.insyaAllah all will go as it's planned.gotta crash the bed now.*nak baca buku : lagi 7 muka surat sure tido!:P* nite2 peeps.much love xx

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