Thursday, August 14, 2008

hey hey you you! you're like poster on the wall

omg!!thanks dey!!i s0ooo <333 yuna!! since the dei dey introduced yuna.hari2 mesti dengar lagu "rocket"! and of course now i understand why dey likes to use the word meroket!he he.yuna is uber cool!the next feist,the next koko kaina and most of all she's damn good musician!her voice verrryyy soothing.version jack johnson perempuan!;p *i did say before that koko kaina is jack johnson version perempuan ek?* meaning lebih kurang la tu! ;p

semalam balik kol 11pm!missed my gossip girls!shucks!sakit hati giler.sebab ada biotch yang menyakitkan hati aku dengan one single word.tapi takpe.kang aku suruh dia buat coding kang baru tau!but least todei bos tade marah2 sebab keje saya siap =) *period* and what is even happier?? i had booked the uber cool guest house in malacca!and got the green light from momma and dada for one day trip to malacca~!!=)))) happiness!!and also~~~~

double tripple quadraple berapa2 -ple la~~ :)) thanks stella~~ for buying the tix for us.haishhh didn't know that august could be so much fun!!hehe.but apepun..time is s0o limitted to meet nuwen.dah nak masuk bulan Ramadhan dah..sekejap je.but i hope i can still meet her up after Ramadhan =) s0o many things to do..but s0o little time!! i even said that i'm on hiatus :P i guess dey's introduction to yuna and this malacca and avril thingy just irresistable!!;p yosh!!downloaded the map and can't wait for saturday!!it's my best friend's engagement!! GO GREEN anyone (?) gonna take a leave tomorrow peeps! have a nice weekends!! much love xx

p/s: keep believing that every clouds has a silver lining ;)

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