Thursday, August 28, 2008


when i heard the advert in radios about italianni's where you can share food for only rm40 ++ i was thinking..rm40 per person?? woww!! the food must be really nice but still,quite expensive.but i don't really trust adverts on tvs or when my girls wanna meet up since ayun's in town (she stays in pahang).i was thinking.. "lets try italiannies.." altho at first aji wanna try go marche@curve.but i heard from dey that the food is not that good anymore (altho i am interested to the marche - pasar theme for the restaurant) but heck,maybe we can try that next we decided to meet up at italianni' was my second time but the first was not much of eating (and not much of eating on the second time too.since i have a double date in chillis on the same day!:P )

it was superb!! and i am really really satisfied!! the food was reasonable!!the portion was of course HUGE!! but we paid such a little price! for such uber nice ambience!and we were greeted with the welcome 'bread' eh panggil? was garlic breads with olive oil.the bread was freshly baked and sangat empuk!*bak kata ayuni : macam bantal plak :P * very yummy yummy too!

then we had Angel Hair Pomodoro spagetti.which i dunno how it tasted like (again i wasn't there to eat.i order je ;p)

and we order pepperoni pizza

pics : courtesy of hot-screenover

well of course it tasted like any other pep pizza.except for thinner crust =) i sempat order iced caffe moccha je.boleh??;p hehehe.but we had a great time! since darling ranj is back for holidays before she's of to tennessee (working as an engineer) for another 2 years.before she can come back to malaysia..

she's looking as pretty as ever ( she had always been such a pretty and thin girl back in school).and we have aji,the one in red.she's my neighbour since i was kid until now.we were in the same class from standard 3-6 ;) she's now working with JASPAL boutique,as the branch manager in pavillion.i've always love her long and silky straight her.cantik kan?=)

then we have ayun..the newly engaged =) she's a good friend of mine since she moved in ttdi.we are more like family friends.mek kelate ;) but now her family is staying in holland.

then we have the newly weds!aysha! =) i've put her pictures before right.she's working as an engineer in petronas.and his husband is now working in an engineer too!sha and ranj

that's sha's hubby,ikhwan.with ranj

us, the amanahs ;p

15 years and counting..

although it was only for 3 hours.but we had a great time.great laughs and great reminiscence.(i even put up our old pics in facebook ;p giler comot!) hope to lepak more often before everyone,and i mean EVERYONE gets hitched =) well as they said : good friends at italianni's xx

oh and woww!!hey hey you you is tomorrow!! i almost forgot!!hope all is well..please la those pemuda pas thingy will not take too drastic action.this is my once a lifetime!;p lepas ni dah besar taleh bersuka ria dah!lagi2 dengan chunkie!:) i also took the tix to malacca from kak dura last night.thanks to nadz!altho penat..but sanggup teman me to putrajaya.almost 2 hours in the car!!giler aa ;p insyaAllah am going to melaka this saturday with chunkie! can't wait!! hope all is well.and will update on that after i come back.and peeps~ to all dear friends,i wanted to take this opportunity to seek for forgiveness if terkasar bahasa,tersalah kata dan terasa hati.. may u all have a blessed Ramadhan =) selamat menyambut Ramadhan.. have a nice weekends! much love xx

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