Friday, August 15, 2008

dan sebenarnya..

aku tableh hidup tanpa caffeine ku~!addicted!haihh..finally i broke the rule of 'no sweet drinks'.after 2 weeks.i just can't stand.the stress.head thumping~ ya ampun.every single dei sure pening i decided : coffee is the best remedy.had my coffee and feeling much much better.need to finish this work by todei,and i am blogging?? whatde? but i bet you am going back late todei.anyhowww,can't wait tomorrow!!omg!! i am freaking nervous!!! hahaha.betul ke nadz ni?? ke dia mimpi?? hehehe.and azz! don't worry.i will text you when i'm on the way to nadz house for the occassion ya ;) nadzzz!!! nervousnyeee!!! XD

ni belum nikah aku dah nerbes!waaahhhhh!! okei back to work.and nadz!!udah2 la mengemas!!rumah tu dah berkilat giler dah!!;p love u babe! xx

P/S: this is pre-engagement entry ;p i just can't resist!!

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