Saturday, August 02, 2008

box of hippieness~~

ahhhh another day of bermalas malasan.sambil mendengar quando quando (my kemalasan theme song =p) harini ada talk anaemia at 2pm.tapi malas nak pegi.satu : sebab sampai kol 5.dua : sebab takde orang nak teman.tiga : mesti bosan.empat : malas :P .altho it's free.tapi sebab memang minggu ni minggu bermalas2an.even pegi office pun malas giler nak put on my eyeliner or even wearing compact ;p sangatttt malasss!! nak kuar lagi la!harini je..baru ada kerajinan nak pakai.pastu siap pakai pants je pegi keje.nak pakai kain malas (meaning baju kurung) *bersopan santun*

tapi takpe..minggu kemalasan ku diceriakan oleh tickets to go to avril lavigne concert!!weeehoo~!! can't wait can't wait!but the tix are not with me ;p will update once it's in my hands.(or maybe after the concert??) and even better~~ am going with chunkie!!! weeee!! and not just avril concert! i am finally going to SABAH! (tak pernah pegi seumur hidup ;p) tix already booked and am going to sabah after raya!! wahhh..memang hari paling malas and paling best dalam dunia!!

and to add the happiness even more?? i got my box of hippieness yesterday~ dan ia bewarna hijau..heuheu..wahhh..memang bestla minggu nih!its true that every clouds has its silver lining.and talking about box of hippieness.cik lelawati sangatlah lambat untuk mengupload gamba kotak kebahagian dia.maka saya pun menghapload la..tada~!!

this is what i sent for her on her birthday ;)box of happiness

happy birthday banner

and all the gifts inside.there's an angel headband.a small lusuh bear (purposely lusuhkan ;p) and then there's 2 boxes of forero roche,and then HUGE mamee giant pack,frutella (her favourite during high school),choki2 ;p hmmm whatelse,oh!a card and i think that's just it!hehe.and it weighted 1kg okei!hahaha.altho hanyalah junk food semata.sebab alel tengah bersedih masa i hope i cheered her up ;)

i hope my hippie and happy-ness will not end here.and i hope nothing bad will happen the next week (i dreamt of tsunami and banjir that a bad sign?) and alhamdulillah.the HUGE corruption i did was finally recovered.thanks to owe him BIG one.(i was thinking of buying him lunch or anything.but tak reti aa nak pujuk orang or bribe orang nih ;p rasa cam 'geli' and tak ikhlas) so lets make it as a lesson in work.insyaAllah.ok peeps.need some rest.harini HARI no plans.and no future plans either.sebab i want to mengular diatas couch sambil menonton tv ;) have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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