Thursday, August 28, 2008


when i heard the advert in radios about italianni's where you can share food for only rm40 ++ i was thinking..rm40 per person?? woww!! the food must be really nice but still,quite expensive.but i don't really trust adverts on tvs or when my girls wanna meet up since ayun's in town (she stays in pahang).i was thinking.. "lets try italiannies.." altho at first aji wanna try go marche@curve.but i heard from dey that the food is not that good anymore (altho i am interested to the marche - pasar theme for the restaurant) but heck,maybe we can try that next we decided to meet up at italianni' was my second time but the first was not much of eating (and not much of eating on the second time too.since i have a double date in chillis on the same day!:P )

it was superb!! and i am really really satisfied!! the food was reasonable!!the portion was of course HUGE!! but we paid such a little price! for such uber nice ambience!and we were greeted with the welcome 'bread' eh panggil? was garlic breads with olive oil.the bread was freshly baked and sangat empuk!*bak kata ayuni : macam bantal plak :P * very yummy yummy too!

then we had Angel Hair Pomodoro spagetti.which i dunno how it tasted like (again i wasn't there to eat.i order je ;p)

and we order pepperoni pizza

pics : courtesy of hot-screenover

well of course it tasted like any other pep pizza.except for thinner crust =) i sempat order iced caffe moccha je.boleh??;p hehehe.but we had a great time! since darling ranj is back for holidays before she's of to tennessee (working as an engineer) for another 2 years.before she can come back to malaysia..

she's looking as pretty as ever ( she had always been such a pretty and thin girl back in school).and we have aji,the one in red.she's my neighbour since i was kid until now.we were in the same class from standard 3-6 ;) she's now working with JASPAL boutique,as the branch manager in pavillion.i've always love her long and silky straight her.cantik kan?=)

then we have ayun..the newly engaged =) she's a good friend of mine since she moved in ttdi.we are more like family friends.mek kelate ;) but now her family is staying in holland.

then we have the newly weds!aysha! =) i've put her pictures before right.she's working as an engineer in petronas.and his husband is now working in an engineer too!sha and ranj

that's sha's hubby,ikhwan.with ranj

us, the amanahs ;p

15 years and counting..

although it was only for 3 hours.but we had a great time.great laughs and great reminiscence.(i even put up our old pics in facebook ;p giler comot!) hope to lepak more often before everyone,and i mean EVERYONE gets hitched =) well as they said : good friends at italianni's xx

oh and woww!!hey hey you you is tomorrow!! i almost forgot!!hope all is well..please la those pemuda pas thingy will not take too drastic action.this is my once a lifetime!;p lepas ni dah besar taleh bersuka ria dah!lagi2 dengan chunkie!:) i also took the tix to malacca from kak dura last night.thanks to nadz!altho penat..but sanggup teman me to putrajaya.almost 2 hours in the car!!giler aa ;p insyaAllah am going to melaka this saturday with chunkie! can't wait!! hope all is well.and will update on that after i come back.and peeps~ to all dear friends,i wanted to take this opportunity to seek for forgiveness if terkasar bahasa,tersalah kata dan terasa hati.. may u all have a blessed Ramadhan =) selamat menyambut Ramadhan.. have a nice weekends! much love xx

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Monday, August 25, 2008

welcome to my world

what a weekend!!had an exam yesterday.from 9am to 430pm.berasap je otak!slept at 3am the night before.konon nak study.but of course.crash course in 5 hours is totally bullshit!on the same day,took a leave.KONON nak study for the exam.but did not remember that i took half day leave on that he called me from hlb and asked me to go down there at 11am?? i got like an hour before taking off for my so called halfday.i guess it was my bad day.when i only have rm10 in my fuel strucked at the 3rd i headed to hlb.tick tock tick tock.and the clock strucked 1pm!mr sv is definitely making me cursing in my head.baru je plan nak park kat situ for an hour.end up!! it was 2 hours and guess what?? i have to pay rm9!! fish!!!so i paid.but mr sv asked me to send some files to our project manager at the office on my way back.

dalam hati menyumpah2!!aku nak pegi tempah baju raya la bengong!!nak study lagi!so disebabkan ketak ikhlasan hatiku..i accidently took the route to the kompleks kerajaan on my way back to office.ANDDDD..i took the wrong turn and end up!! at the Jalan Duta's TOLL.shit!i got only rm1 in my hands and i dare not to get thru the i parked my car at the side of the roads.with emergency lights on.lantakla orang nak pikir ape.with no credit left.memang bad day giler.i texted my mom."call me back.penting!!" lepas tu...menggelabah cerita kat dia yang i'm lost,broke and i don't know where was i and what should i's angry.(this is not my first time getting lost in KL.dope!) mom told me to wait for my dad to come back from the friday i hung up.i texted nadz.TGI friday betul la!nadz called me back and asked me how much money left in my hands.korek punya korek (note:i only have coins) tengok2 ada rm2.nadz told me i could take the toll and it will lead me to kota damansara.fewh!LEGAAAAA gilee!!! demm!!it was 230pm.half day,my A#@!!so took the toll.and arrived home safely.thanks nadz!!! u saved my day!! <33 BUT..remember that i have not send the files to my project manager yet?wildboar betul la!!so checked my fuel.demm!tinggal dua bar.but pegi jugak redah..clock striked 3,dang!headed to office and mission accomplished!

memang cacai gilerrr!!sampai2 umah dah kol 4.mak ajak pegi tempah baju raya.bagus!!aku dah berpeluh2 macam oink2 kena pegi ukur badan plak.huh!sebab takde baju raya..pegi la jugak.balik2 dah pukul 5!!whatde?? study kebende nyee??halfday celah mana?? X( end up.slept at 6pm.tired.and woke up at then otak dah malas.penat and tak larat!at 10 study maths *konon* then sambung baca sejarah til 3am.giler!the next sis knocked on my door pagi2 buta (adehhhh baru ingat nak bangun kol 730!) "erin..kakak punya water broke i was like "what???kejap2 saya call mama" mom and dad was in masjid.solat subuh.urged them to rush home.terus hantar kakak masuk was nervous.both her daughters in a serious situation. me : exam :P kakak : labor!!

alhamdulillah.dapat baby girl!! yeayyy!! my first niece!!welcome to the world cutie

she looked like chinese kann?? we call her baby beijing *since it's olympics,kann??:P*

so today..i am really really tired.i was awake since 730~~~until now.12.10 am.had a great day today.i have TWO lunch at the chillis with my officemates.and another one with my old school friends from ttdi@itallianies.the food was good!*much better than chillis : chilli's oily and salty *bluergh!* and i could say it's quite cheap to eat at italiannies if you share the food coz the portion is HUGE.took loads of pics with them catching up about school friends,old memories acetra but will upload and update later.too tired now.hehe.oklah.will c u when i c u ;p crashing bed now.nite nite peeps.much love xx

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

his story of cuppacakes lazy to study.baru baca 7 muka surat dah terlelap til morning plak's like reading a bedtime story.i had always have trouble with 'cerita-dia' a.k.a history.mengantuk okeiii..but tu lah.the exam needs me to study on the Malaysia's history.adehhh..memang penyet aa.but i'm working on it.i even take a half day of on this i could rest and think,dey had come to rescue the kitties and she is super duper happy with her twins! macam dah ada anak!tak sabar nak balik keje sebab nak balik tengok twins.hiks!comel giler!

and she came to my house bringing this super duper yummie cuppacakes~~chouuu oishiiiii!!!mula2 tengok sepi je kat cuppacakes sebab kekenyangannnn sangat2 masa tu.end up bringing the cuties to office the next day.mula2 nak test je the cookies and cream.tengok macam menarik kan..lepas tu terus like OMG!sedappp nak mati!!! and later dey provoked me to eat the choc one and ya Allah ni lagi la!!sumpah sedap!moist gilerrr!! and superrrrr chocolaty taste!*betul ke aku eja cokeleti?*thanks deyyy~~~ i even wanted to eat the other two (she gave me a box of four) but reminded by dey to give it to mom ;p sebab mom bagi kucing kat dia.he he.kalau tak diingatkan..dah selamat dah all four cupcakes tu i telan =p

this is the choc one.

serious i termimpi2 lagi nih!!nak pegi beli lagi boleh?(tapi diet semua lari dahla minggu ni indulged banyak giler chocs!timeout chocettes dah dua packets.then seng mun gave me his mini chipsmore.i had 3 cups of coffee this week.semuanya manis2!!! my box of hippieness pun dah abes.baru dua minggu.tapi dah abes.but adala effect dia sket ;p so tak ralat sangat.and gosh! time flies s0o fudging fast!tengok2 nadz dah tunang.exam dah dekat.concert dah dekat.puasa lagi dua minggu(?) woww!! cepat gilerrr!!and i can't wait for next meeting chunkie!hey hey you you~~ can't wait to see u!!all tix and reservations for our trip are done.all we have to do is wait for the day!and hope gg could be our tour guide too.insyaAllah all will go as it's planned.gotta crash the bed now.*nak baca buku : lagi 7 muka surat sure tido!:P* nite2 peeps.much love xx

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

she is engaged!!

congrats nadz!!!hehehe.ingat lagi time u bergaduh and decided to take a time off from each other.but guess what?? Allah had plans for you! are now officially engaged to the one and only darling sofie!!*macam takde orang lain nama sofie je.hehe* she looked DAMN pretty!!i lovee the laces every where!!don't tell me luar dalam eh!hehehe.kidding ;p but goshh!! i am s0oo happy for you!! the occasion was simple and nice.and nadz was like 'kenot duduk diam' on the sofa.i bet she's nervous.ramai okei.penuh satu rumah.i and nad'z other friends tercenguk je kat tangga.tangkap gamba pun angle shot side je dapat ;p while waiting for the khutbah pertunangan.apekah(?) hehe.yep.there was a khutbah!i pun first time dengar.but it was short and simple.and the next thing you know~~~ bling bling on her fing~! here's photos during the ceremony.enjoy! =)

the mummy

the runang and tunang ;p

she's engaged!!

the after math

the amah and pencuci yang ceria ;p

that's a was tiringg..altho i din help that much.but i bet nadz's lagi penat.3 hari kut for the prep.but it all went well.and i had 5 glasses of yummy syrup and those nice kurma was yummilicious~!!!wish azz was here too =) i bet she could use her camera to take loads and loads of pics.(ur camera kan macam pro punya ;p ) all in all..alhamdulillah and congrat nadz.may it last for eternity =) God bless! much love xx

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Friday, August 15, 2008

dan sebenarnya..

aku tableh hidup tanpa caffeine ku~!addicted!haihh..finally i broke the rule of 'no sweet drinks'.after 2 weeks.i just can't stand.the stress.head thumping~ ya ampun.every single dei sure pening i decided : coffee is the best remedy.had my coffee and feeling much much better.need to finish this work by todei,and i am blogging?? whatde? but i bet you am going back late todei.anyhowww,can't wait tomorrow!!omg!! i am freaking nervous!!! hahaha.betul ke nadz ni?? ke dia mimpi?? hehehe.and azz! don't worry.i will text you when i'm on the way to nadz house for the occassion ya ;) nadzzz!!! nervousnyeee!!! XD

ni belum nikah aku dah nerbes!waaahhhhh!! okei back to work.and nadz!!udah2 la mengemas!!rumah tu dah berkilat giler dah!!;p love u babe! xx

P/S: this is pre-engagement entry ;p i just can't resist!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

hey hey you you! you're like poster on the wall

omg!!thanks dey!!i s0ooo <333 yuna!! since the dei dey introduced yuna.hari2 mesti dengar lagu "rocket"! and of course now i understand why dey likes to use the word meroket!he he.yuna is uber cool!the next feist,the next koko kaina and most of all she's damn good musician!her voice verrryyy soothing.version jack johnson perempuan!;p *i did say before that koko kaina is jack johnson version perempuan ek?* meaning lebih kurang la tu! ;p

semalam balik kol 11pm!missed my gossip girls!shucks!sakit hati giler.sebab ada biotch yang menyakitkan hati aku dengan one single word.tapi takpe.kang aku suruh dia buat coding kang baru tau!but least todei bos tade marah2 sebab keje saya siap =) *period* and what is even happier?? i had booked the uber cool guest house in malacca!and got the green light from momma and dada for one day trip to malacca~!!=)))) happiness!!and also~~~~

double tripple quadraple berapa2 -ple la~~ :)) thanks stella~~ for buying the tix for us.haishhh didn't know that august could be so much fun!!hehe.but apepun..time is s0o limitted to meet nuwen.dah nak masuk bulan Ramadhan dah..sekejap je.but i hope i can still meet her up after Ramadhan =) s0o many things to do..but s0o little time!! i even said that i'm on hiatus :P i guess dey's introduction to yuna and this malacca and avril thingy just irresistable!!;p yosh!!downloaded the map and can't wait for saturday!!it's my best friend's engagement!! GO GREEN anyone (?) gonna take a leave tomorrow peeps! have a nice weekends!! much love xx

p/s: keep believing that every clouds has a silver lining ;)

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Monday, August 11, 2008

praying for happy thoughts

woww!! i am freaking eyes are dry.the aircond sucks.the weather throat feels body ached.sleeping on the floor for another one,wait!till forever!i hate it.seriously.with the stress and everything..i need good sleep and of course a good bed.ya Allah..lets get pass this.lets talk about happy thoughts *finger crossed*

hmmm.. okei lets see..someone's coming back anytime soon!like urm..5 more days!! weeee~~ and my dear nadz is getting engaged~~ woww!!time flies man.and me,on the other hand had been working here for 10months.woww!! loyal giler!! *despite the grumble bumble bubble.haih* (ok2 ignore about work.again,i could not help but to 'sentil' about can be really contagious and eating my happy thoughts out!:p) i wonder how is alang doing in lundy.she had been so quiet for a while.miss her too!haihh..i miss my lundy girls.i wonder how are they doing.are they as stressful as i lonely as i am (lonely in my working world.luar office lain cerita) susahnyeeee jadi the only head is bursting and my eyes are popping!! gaji tak naik2.dah nak dekat setahun tau!ya Allah..see! another work sentilan.i just can't help.cepat2 la chunkie balik.i need to laugh till i drop and forget the world for a while.i want to find a great escape.from the damn cruel world.hoh!menciiii~!!!

whatsoever~ i declared.on hiatus! till nadz's engagement.heee =D lead a happy life people.u only live once.. much love xx

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Friday, August 08, 2008

terminates now

harini takde mood.semalam pegi HLB lagi.penat giler after balik.sampai2 umah terus tido.tapi seronok dapat jumpa paklan for lunch.terkejut giler tengok dia looking good (maji terkejut!) haaa..ii kanji meeting an old friend =) lepak kat KLCC sambil cerita pasal life.banyak jugak cerita.siap kena sound pasal being picky choosing a guy.haihh..semua orang risaukan aku.ingat aku tak risau ke?? ;p but apepun..kan best hari2 kalau keje kite melepak and borak2.tapi duit still masuk.wahhh s0o nice..tapi tak dapat la kann..haihh..another lousy day..harini malas betul nak bangun pegi keje.tengok2 jam dah kol 830.mandi2 siap2..pegi office kol 930!apekah? nasib baik mr sv tu yang tak menggelabs sangat nak ke kerja.lately asyik terskipped dinner.sebab balik keje sure dah pukul 10!! gerammmm..sebab keje kena siapkan but at the same time kena pegi HLB plak..handle customer issue.i really don't like working with banks! >:( they can be realllly irritating.and no one likes to work with banks.tapi keje ngan bank gaji memang masyuk aa kan.. (no offends to anyone) but yeahh..because of derang gak i went down.

but time2 stress camni..a simple hi made me smile.heeeeeee =) smsed nioi and haihhh how i wish he's still here.things would be much much better.but wattado..cest la vie.i really need to get away from these.even more since i am really really in a bad situation!damn..definitely now i'm looking for a hole to hide or perhaps a private jet to japan.i miss my old me...i miss nuwen! :( anyhow,life goes on.esok keje.GREAT!made me stress to think of it.drank 5 cups of tea in less than i'm all giddy and hungry.have a nice weekends peeps!much love xx

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Monday, August 04, 2008

nak cari kayu..nak cari kayu..

wahhh i just don't get it!! how can people spend loads and loads of cash EVERY WEEK!!every week pegi shopping!!biar betul??~ nak kata derang ada boify yang boleh belanja derang.takde plak.single mingle je semua.pastu nak tanya sikit boleh? "where did you get all that mulahh??" giler okei.every week ada je benda derang beli.kalau sikit berlambak2!!kut ye pun mega sale~ takkan la 2 bulan mega sale..8 minggu la korang shooooooppppinnggg jeee?? u gotta be kidding me.saya sangat confused dan jealous sebenarnya.haha.sebab saya harus mencari kayu untuk dijual.untuk dijadikan duit!;p tapi korang spent macam duit tu datang dari pokok.kan best duit tu macam daun.woww!! i bet lagi teruk mega sale!huh.semua orang pegi petik daun kat pokok.tinggal

apepun~ i already spent my cash.on ME!sangat sengkek sebab beli box of hippieness,tix to avril and tix to sabah.wahhh at one time?? memanggg la takde saki baki untuk mega sale.i'm always like that.bad timing.time orang bersuka ria shopping mega sale.aku pegi mega holiday.muehehe.but it's fun!i hope trip to melaka pun menjadi.sebab plannya nak pegi hujung bulan nih.bilik belum book ni.sebab belum dapat green light.heee =D kena book cepat2 before cuti sekolah.but i don't think that voyage guest house is suitable for families ;p dia sesuai untuk orang2 muda je.he he.let's just plan.the rest leave it to God.yang pasti i am counting days for chunkie to come back and we gonna rock our socks~!! weeehooo!@@ *excited tapi berpada2 sebab nerbes* ha ha.hope everything goes well.paklan pun dah balik holidei.harap2 dapat jumpa dia sama nihonjintachi dia.yosh!!tapi duit dah takde.camne nih??

nak cari kayuuuu..nak cari kayuuu.. ;p

nite nite peeps! much love xx

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

box of hippieness~~

ahhhh another day of bermalas malasan.sambil mendengar quando quando (my kemalasan theme song =p) harini ada talk anaemia at 2pm.tapi malas nak pegi.satu : sebab sampai kol 5.dua : sebab takde orang nak teman.tiga : mesti bosan.empat : malas :P .altho it's free.tapi sebab memang minggu ni minggu bermalas2an.even pegi office pun malas giler nak put on my eyeliner or even wearing compact ;p sangatttt malasss!! nak kuar lagi la!harini je..baru ada kerajinan nak pakai.pastu siap pakai pants je pegi keje.nak pakai kain malas (meaning baju kurung) *bersopan santun*

tapi takpe..minggu kemalasan ku diceriakan oleh tickets to go to avril lavigne concert!!weeehoo~!! can't wait can't wait!but the tix are not with me ;p will update once it's in my hands.(or maybe after the concert??) and even better~~ am going with chunkie!!! weeee!! and not just avril concert! i am finally going to SABAH! (tak pernah pegi seumur hidup ;p) tix already booked and am going to sabah after raya!! wahhh..memang hari paling malas and paling best dalam dunia!!

and to add the happiness even more?? i got my box of hippieness yesterday~ dan ia bewarna hijau..heuheu..wahhh..memang bestla minggu nih!its true that every clouds has its silver lining.and talking about box of hippieness.cik lelawati sangatlah lambat untuk mengupload gamba kotak kebahagian dia.maka saya pun menghapload la..tada~!!

this is what i sent for her on her birthday ;)box of happiness

happy birthday banner

and all the gifts inside.there's an angel headband.a small lusuh bear (purposely lusuhkan ;p) and then there's 2 boxes of forero roche,and then HUGE mamee giant pack,frutella (her favourite during high school),choki2 ;p hmmm whatelse,oh!a card and i think that's just it!hehe.and it weighted 1kg okei!hahaha.altho hanyalah junk food semata.sebab alel tengah bersedih masa i hope i cheered her up ;)

i hope my hippie and happy-ness will not end here.and i hope nothing bad will happen the next week (i dreamt of tsunami and banjir that a bad sign?) and alhamdulillah.the HUGE corruption i did was finally recovered.thanks to owe him BIG one.(i was thinking of buying him lunch or anything.but tak reti aa nak pujuk orang or bribe orang nih ;p rasa cam 'geli' and tak ikhlas) so lets make it as a lesson in work.insyaAllah.ok peeps.need some rest.harini HARI no plans.and no future plans either.sebab i want to mengular diatas couch sambil menonton tv ;) have a nice weekends!! much love xx

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