Sunday, July 06, 2008

san terri.grown up.hancock

finally.i'm back and alive! he he.but what a bummer..i couldnt attend dey's engagement.sad sad.little tigger's not well.getting all grumpy nak dukung je.i hope dey had a great time on this sunny dei ;) congrats kak yana~ hope to attend your wedding next year.insyaAllah =)

just a short update on what happened on last few a birthday cake from a dear friend.sedaaaappp nak mati!!it's a strawberry tart from san terri.(tiba2 teringat 'lova2' yang nadz makan ;p )

lil bro's all grown up.he's now in i took a half day off on wednesday to send him off to college.*a bit tears in the eye.coz takde orang nak gaduh ngan i dah lepas nih ;p *

but then later on friday tengok2 he's already at
nampak sangat tak boleh duduk asrama.ha watched hancock with him and nadz on friday night =) then we go lepak at A&W and LOL at 'kecepet'.=))

then the next day,brought lil tigger to the park.because he was all decided to give him some air ;)

tup2 dah hafta get goooooooddd rest.esok dah isnin! :( cepatttnyeee!! have a nice weekends peeps! i know dey did ;) much love xx

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