Monday, July 28, 2008

every clouds has a silver lining

wowww!! what a weekend!! i worked for 12 hours on saturday.yes,i HAFTA work on saturday due to the hlb thingy.i had dragged the whole team to work on saturday.but at least we got free food!;p so i'm actually 'on call' the next day (sunday).so i woke up at 5 laps of jog at the park.went back home.hanging out with my family but i am s0o not liking the feeling when u are 'on call'.( said that he might call on sunday for us to do some work at hlb again.) but still,i stayed at home.pakai baju nak pegi keje siap2.pastu end up..watched the mad money movie.which was good! katie holmes cute giler with her curly hair ;) (tapi sambil tengok movie tak abes2 tengok hp.takut sv call ;p) but then he never called end up..went to ou.accompany my SIL went to buy some pillows,pillow cases etc~ i even caught this one nice 70%!! from rm665=rm199~!! what the?? but be patience my friend.need to save some money for november trip to the land below the wind ;p so i keep niat suciku tengok2 dah pukul 6pm.and mr sv didn't call.fewh.lega~!

i hate mondays! but i love 'this' monday!;o) today i woke up as early as 630am!! hafta send off lil bro to his college.and straight to kaem's place.then off to have breakfast at mcD.yum2.i loveee having breakfast at mcD.esp the hash brown.yum2.then it's already 10am.headed to faculty to meet a dear old friend,solmy!!

she's doing masters in UPM.for almost 3 years!i met her when i was in my second year.but now she had finished her masters,i can kacau her on weekends!!;)

after upm,we headed to MARA.going there is easy,and sangatlah sekejap!!like 30mins dah settled.but then not even more than an hour pun kat situ,parking dah rm4.50!!cekik darah betul.but at least dah tau la kan =) then after MARA,we wanted to meet this one lady.tapi call dia banyak kali punyalah tak angkat.haihhh..tapi understoodla.she's working ;) first day kann..he he..and after SIXTEEN miscalls!! she finally picked up her phone with her nada menggelabah ;p "sorry2..aku busy giler tadi.okei.lets lunch!" (peace babe!v) and then off to tawakkal hospital to meet denise!!

rindunye minah nihhh!!! xx

karimah and denise!=)

us in the car.

altho kereta tengah hon2 nak masuk tempat kitorang park.tapi dengan selambanye kitorang sempat amek gamba!haha.nasib baik menjadi ;p we had lunch at haslam's restaurant.not bad la the food.and memang ramai giler orang datang makan kat situ.trylah~ ;) it's across the street from tawakkal hospital.

anyways,after a longggg day.its already 3pm.hafta send kaem back and me,headed home.but na a-ah~ sampai2 je rumah terus pegi tesco with sis.then melencong ke curve and straight to ikea til 5pm! i'm all worned out! sangatt penat.ape nama cuti arini?? heuheu.but i had a great time!berbaloilah =) oh well..esok kena keje balik.haih...permudahkanlah~.. ok peeps,have a nice monday.wanna watch HOUSE ;) nite2.much love xx

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