Sunday, July 20, 2008

congrats kak naim

wow~~ i almost forgot it's kak naim's had made this happened.blame the workloads.heh.and i almost forgot that kak naim's sspian.LOL.tu la..sebab kitorang more like ttdi friends.because her family is my family's friend :D so tu yang tak ingat her wedding is another sspian's wedding tu ;p so sempatlah jumpa kak anem & hubby.k.sher,k.thirah (just a glimpse.sebab rasanya dia cam datang lewat kut.muka kang cheong je ;D ) k.bell,k.dadi,k.farahdina,chibi (yeah i know..i can't remember her real and ileena.her wedding theme was s0oo sweet~!!! *it's my wedding theme color too..kalau ada it's peach and grey.nice combinations! the food was good.coz my family pun suka catering nih.sebab i think it's the only catering i pernah makan yang ada ikan sweet sour.(i remembered asking fiza at kak mizz's wedding about sweet sour fish.dia kata "mana ada orang catering ikan sweet sour"..heeee =D ada tau fizz!! ;) ) hehe.anyways,not much pictures taken coz i sat with my parents.derang nak balik awal.kepenatan.sebab one whole day kitorang ke bukit jalil.anyways,enjoy the pics =)

newly weds entering the hall

newly wed at makan beradab table

the dais

cake for aunty safiah and uncle zul : it's their birthday!!=)

cutting birthday cake

how lucky~!! aunty and uncle's birthdays are on the same day!how sweeeettt~~~!! and much memorable when it's their first wedding in the family's wedding day =) such a heartttt..ok peeps.hope u enjoy that.gonna crash bed.nak bangun sahur esok ;) nite nite.much love xx

p/s:i miss my kenit!! dah seminggu tak jumpa :'(

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