Friday, July 25, 2008

blacked eye = black sheep?

i've talked to few who knew about the damaged i've's a huge one.feel guilty as hell the whole day yesterday.terasa seperti black sheep~~ sangat sangat malang lah minggu ini!! last night arrived home at 12am.and hungry as hell.but decided to crash bed i have blacked eyes.niceee.. =( hafta deal with the bank's DBA till 1130pm the night before..i bet they are all cursing at me.i can feel their eyes at the back of my head when i turned away.i didn't even say hi to them (they were dealing with my bosses anyways.they didn't seem to bother to say 'hi' to me punnn??) and now i'm in my biggest fear to meet the BIG boss plak.scarryynyeee..

i am prepared for the worst now..






anytime soon..


fewh~! met the big boss!turned out it was okei.i was imagining drama like "anda diapikan!" sila translate in english ;p then i realized.the damage was not that bad.but as 'good' as it just called.the whole team need to go to hlb tomorrow morning.what?? now i'm feeling guiltier~~!!! please don't make things worse!! now the whole team will blame me! (which memang patut pun.tobat aku taknak buat lagi dah!!) but thank God, said that the damage i did is now under control now.alhamdulillah.i can still keep my job! *yeay~ (in a weak tone)* haihh..i hope all of these will come to its end.i really need my kenit.i miss him soo0o much.dah dua minggu tak jumpa!hope he'll be back this sunday.dear God please~~ i really need a remedy :(

meeeerrrr~!!cepatla balik~~~

nite peeps.much love xx

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