Monday, July 28, 2008

every clouds has a silver lining

wowww!! what a weekend!! i worked for 12 hours on saturday.yes,i HAFTA work on saturday due to the hlb thingy.i had dragged the whole team to work on saturday.but at least we got free food!;p so i'm actually 'on call' the next day (sunday).so i woke up at 5 laps of jog at the park.went back home.hanging out with my family but i am s0o not liking the feeling when u are 'on call'.( said that he might call on sunday for us to do some work at hlb again.) but still,i stayed at home.pakai baju nak pegi keje siap2.pastu end up..watched the mad money movie.which was good! katie holmes cute giler with her curly hair ;) (tapi sambil tengok movie tak abes2 tengok hp.takut sv call ;p) but then he never called end up..went to ou.accompany my SIL went to buy some pillows,pillow cases etc~ i even caught this one nice 70%!! from rm665=rm199~!! what the?? but be patience my friend.need to save some money for november trip to the land below the wind ;p so i keep niat suciku tengok2 dah pukul 6pm.and mr sv didn't call.fewh.lega~!

i hate mondays! but i love 'this' monday!;o) today i woke up as early as 630am!! hafta send off lil bro to his college.and straight to kaem's place.then off to have breakfast at mcD.yum2.i loveee having breakfast at mcD.esp the hash brown.yum2.then it's already 10am.headed to faculty to meet a dear old friend,solmy!!

she's doing masters in UPM.for almost 3 years!i met her when i was in my second year.but now she had finished her masters,i can kacau her on weekends!!;)

after upm,we headed to MARA.going there is easy,and sangatlah sekejap!!like 30mins dah settled.but then not even more than an hour pun kat situ,parking dah rm4.50!!cekik darah betul.but at least dah tau la kan =) then after MARA,we wanted to meet this one lady.tapi call dia banyak kali punyalah tak angkat.haihhh..tapi understoodla.she's working ;) first day kann..he he..and after SIXTEEN miscalls!! she finally picked up her phone with her nada menggelabah ;p "sorry2..aku busy giler tadi.okei.lets lunch!" (peace babe!v) and then off to tawakkal hospital to meet denise!!

rindunye minah nihhh!!! xx

karimah and denise!=)

us in the car.

altho kereta tengah hon2 nak masuk tempat kitorang park.tapi dengan selambanye kitorang sempat amek gamba!haha.nasib baik menjadi ;p we had lunch at haslam's restaurant.not bad la the food.and memang ramai giler orang datang makan kat situ.trylah~ ;) it's across the street from tawakkal hospital.

anyways,after a longggg day.its already 3pm.hafta send kaem back and me,headed home.but na a-ah~ sampai2 je rumah terus pegi tesco with sis.then melencong ke curve and straight to ikea til 5pm! i'm all worned out! sangatt penat.ape nama cuti arini?? heuheu.but i had a great time!berbaloilah =) oh well..esok kena keje balik.haih...permudahkanlah~.. ok peeps,have a nice monday.wanna watch HOUSE ;) nite2.much love xx

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Friday, July 25, 2008

blacked eye = black sheep?

i've talked to few who knew about the damaged i've's a huge one.feel guilty as hell the whole day yesterday.terasa seperti black sheep~~ sangat sangat malang lah minggu ini!! last night arrived home at 12am.and hungry as hell.but decided to crash bed i have blacked eyes.niceee.. =( hafta deal with the bank's DBA till 1130pm the night before..i bet they are all cursing at me.i can feel their eyes at the back of my head when i turned away.i didn't even say hi to them (they were dealing with my bosses anyways.they didn't seem to bother to say 'hi' to me punnn??) and now i'm in my biggest fear to meet the BIG boss plak.scarryynyeee..

i am prepared for the worst now..






anytime soon..


fewh~! met the big boss!turned out it was okei.i was imagining drama like "anda diapikan!" sila translate in english ;p then i realized.the damage was not that bad.but as 'good' as it just called.the whole team need to go to hlb tomorrow morning.what?? now i'm feeling guiltier~~!!! please don't make things worse!! now the whole team will blame me! (which memang patut pun.tobat aku taknak buat lagi dah!!) but thank God, said that the damage i did is now under control now.alhamdulillah.i can still keep my job! *yeay~ (in a weak tone)* haihh..i hope all of these will come to its end.i really need my kenit.i miss him soo0o much.dah dua minggu tak jumpa!hope he'll be back this sunday.dear God please~~ i really need a remedy :(

meeeerrrr~!!cepatla balik~~~

nite peeps.much love xx

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

hari hariku yang emo ;p

haihh..another 4hours meeting plak yesterday.tired as hell.although i much prefer doing the dirty job : answering client's call and replying mails.i sounded more like a technical support thingy.but yes,that is what i have to deal when we don't have any enhancements to do.the meeting agenda started in a language i understood.sebab adalah jugak kena mengena ngan aku.but later after almost two hours,they started to discuss about the current issues occured to our brain 'system' started to jam.altho i barely understand what they were talking i was starting to doodle on my notebook.messing with han's lappy and the next thing you know,for the next 2 hours,i was struggling to keep myself awake while looking at han's euro least that's something everyone could understand : looking at

not to be blamed on anyone lack of concerntrations has put my job at jeaopardy (at times ;p) aku rasa aku ada sindrom ADD.macam kanak2 hiperaktif tu,taleh duduk diam.tapi taleh fokus!haha.sangattt sesuai!.coz i remembered for the first 2 hours of the meeting I was actually sitting up straight.the next thing you know i'm close to lying down on the chair.slouching against the chair like the only thing that made me sit, is the 'chair'.kalau takde kerusi tu,agak2 aku dah terbaring atas lantai.giler malas.haha.but definitely,sapa2 pun ada stress time buat keje kan? malas ke ape ke,on the other hand.if stress --> food --> fat? lol.but lately,i tried my best not to munch on junks.sebab saya ni chocolate my solution is to at least eat anything related to chocs (i used to eat kitkat almost well as hersheys.ahhh~~ time kegemilangan era chocaholic ;p ) tapi sekarang,i only eat choclaires.(coz it's the only candy we have in our office) BUT tu la,too much sweets plak kann..heee..susah susah.csm siap cakap : "makan je la..orang lain nak makan,tapi takde makanan.u ada makanan tapi taknak makan" dush!kan dah kenaaaa~~!!baiklah csm.saya tidak akan berdiet depan anda.*laki ni pelik,dia sendiri taknak makan benda tu.takut gemok.tapi aku nak makan.dia bukan main sokong.nak suruh aku gemok ke?* lol

harini puasa determination to NOT spend more than rm50 this week tidak berjaya.haha.sebabnya..lupa plak kena bayar tol and parking semua.tapi tank minyak dah tinggal dua bar je.tapi thanks to myViku.sangat berjasa.sebab dua bar pun still boleh tahan 3 hari kuttt ;) so sempatlah saya tunggu gaji.heeee =D bulan ni sengkek abes! mana ntah pegi semua kewangan.yang pasti,i survived.rm10 sehari (for the time being.sebab sengkek) that includes, makan+parking+toll.hebat tak?? (^__-)v memang boleh hidup je sebenarnya,kalau beringat diri tu takde duit..he he.tapi time ada duit..semua musahabah diri hilang.kuangx3.(nafsu nafsu..) okla.nak subuh~ then nak tido balik before hari2 yang stressful di tempat keje.heh.thank God it's already thursday.esok dah weekends!!wahhh so fast!!ok peeps..have a nice day!keje rajin2.much love xx

p/s: sangat geram dengan georgina!!! muka slutty abes.grrr >:(

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

may Allah bless me always

haihhh..harini kena marah lagi.bukan marah.kena tegur.sebab dia suruh explain program line by lines.memang aku paling benci part tu.but wattado.tengah bersabar je.kali ni kalau orang tanya, "how's work?" i will answer : " macam b*b*" sekian terima kasih.

saya harap benda adalah lebih baik (i wish things are much better) ;p saya tak mau merungut dan mengeluh je.saya mau menjadi lebih baik.saya mau menjadi orang-orang itu.tapi kekuatan itu masih belom ada.may Allah bless me with good ones.sebab saya sudah penat mengeluh.. :(

how's u work? seriously you people don't have the same thing i'm facing now?? wow! u must be one lucky person.may Allah bless all of you..much love xx

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

congrats kak naim

wow~~ i almost forgot it's kak naim's had made this happened.blame the workloads.heh.and i almost forgot that kak naim's sspian.LOL.tu la..sebab kitorang more like ttdi friends.because her family is my family's friend :D so tu yang tak ingat her wedding is another sspian's wedding tu ;p so sempatlah jumpa kak anem & hubby.k.sher,k.thirah (just a glimpse.sebab rasanya dia cam datang lewat kut.muka kang cheong je ;D ) k.bell,k.dadi,k.farahdina,chibi (yeah i know..i can't remember her real and ileena.her wedding theme was s0oo sweet~!!! *it's my wedding theme color too..kalau ada it's peach and grey.nice combinations! the food was good.coz my family pun suka catering nih.sebab i think it's the only catering i pernah makan yang ada ikan sweet sour.(i remembered asking fiza at kak mizz's wedding about sweet sour fish.dia kata "mana ada orang catering ikan sweet sour"..heeee =D ada tau fizz!! ;) ) hehe.anyways,not much pictures taken coz i sat with my parents.derang nak balik awal.kepenatan.sebab one whole day kitorang ke bukit jalil.anyways,enjoy the pics =)

newly weds entering the hall

newly wed at makan beradab table

the dais

cake for aunty safiah and uncle zul : it's their birthday!!=)

cutting birthday cake

how lucky~!! aunty and uncle's birthdays are on the same day!how sweeeettt~~~!! and much memorable when it's their first wedding in the family's wedding day =) such a heartttt..ok peeps.hope u enjoy that.gonna crash bed.nak bangun sahur esok ;) nite nite.much love xx

p/s:i miss my kenit!! dah seminggu tak jumpa :'(

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

csm = cine sangat macho?

hoh!harini pagi2 bos tak datang.ada meeting kat hong leong.ringan sket otak.sebab tak nampak muka dia.(that's bad??;p) then semalam project manager datang berdiskusi ngan i pasal my work.huh!pagi semalam otak memang clouded giler.dah dua malam ni tak tido lena.sebab lil eyman grumpy giler kalau dia tido sebab dia demam.pastu plak every hour sure terjaga.gerammmm giler!!dahlah tido atas tilam atas lantai plak tu.sakit belakang toksah cite.memang bangun2 tido sure sakit pinggang and tengkuk =( so masa p.m.o tanya pasal client support issues.otak memang jammed giler.jawab ntah2 pape merapu.tapi ada point gak la.sebab after few minutes otak baru nak start engine masuk gear 4 ;p lepas abes explain,cite kat p.m.o pasal kronologi ice cream.pasal camne kalau misalannya nak ice cream.saya tau dia nak ice cream.tapi saya tak tau macam mana nak buat ice cream.lepas tu,dah dapat ice cream..dia nak perasa coklat plak.saya plak pegi buat perasa strawberry.betul tak? so sebab tu dia tak puas hati ngan saya ceritala kat p.m.o saya.then she told me that..there's always a manual guide to make an ice cream =) boleh?? the same time cite la yang i taleh nak buat keje cepat2 giler sebab wavelength ngan sangattt lain.kitorang memang taleh ngam kuttt =( (altho dia tak pernah pun tengking2..huuu)he is expecting too much from me..

but then lega la..sebab dah cite semua kat dia.kalau tak dia tak tau keadaan sebenar.and then came along plak mister csm.heeee =D ini trainee kat sini.nama dia chua s*** m*** .so initials dia csm.but he is uberrr cool! (alaa..budak muda..semangat belajar berkobar2 lagi..) dia kan..rambut dia ala2 kencang cam pelakon jepun..yang ala2 christian from project runway tu.haaa! pastu badan keding giler.tapi tinggi.pastu pakai baju ala2 harajuku.memang style abes!tapi otak bapak geliga.nasib baik ada dia ;) at least time rasa nak tanya soalan bodoh pasal programming lega la sket =) boleh memperbodohkan diri sket.he tu je la pembantu yang boleh ringankan otak ni kalau time otak jammed buat programming =D and time tension2 boleh cuci mata..sebab dia memang hensem woo..haha.muka panjang cam tengku hussein.wakakaka.

tapi tulah..macam2 mana pun..i just wish he could stay longer till ada VB programmer baru datang.sebab kalau aku sorang2.memanggggggg rasa cam taleh tahan la keje giler nih.but as always,lucky nurenchunk,nadz and azz =) tempat nak mengadu.heee =D thanks babes!! =) wokeh,better get back to work.nanti bos datang tengok2 keja tak siap lagi.uppss! ( arini dah gerak sket keje.sebab hati gumbira dapat email dari someone important ;) will fill in the details later.pray for me nuwen! ) have a nice day! much love xx

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Monday, July 14, 2008

they call me 'hell'

current love song : that's not my name

by : the ting tings

nama group pun dah macam ting tong.singer dia pun memang uber ting abes minah ni nyanyi lagu ni.boleh tak time boss panggil aku,aku nyanyi lagu nih.ha ha.but harini best gils..sebab bos MC woohooo~!!! so no reason for me to get all stressed out todei.wee hee~~!! enjoy the song! ;)

~~They call me 'Hell'

They call me 'Stacey'

They call me 'her'

They call me 'Jane'

That's not my name

That's not my name

That's not my name

That's not my name

They call me 'Quiet Girl'

But I'm a riot

Mary, jo, lisa

Always the same

That's not my name

That's not my name

That's not my name

That's not my name ~~

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

sabtu dei.sun dei.mun dei??

harini pagi2 dah bangun.pelik.weekends punyalah senang nak bangun awal.maybe dah terbiasa pegilah jog 4 round kat park.lepas jog rasa macam taleh nak duduk diam rehat2.too tiba2 semangat giler nak basuh kete.kesian dah nak dekat sebulan tak basuh ;p so harini kasi vacuum,wax,polish,bathfoam semua.first class carwash.he he.sampai lenguh badan2 panjat kete =D aroun 11 texted nadz and went for brunch with her.rasa pelik jugak kadang2 kalau lepak dua orang je.bukan pelik sebab ape..sebab selama ni kalau lepak ngan nadz mesti ada azz =) *maknanya azz kena balik cepat2 sket.although tak boleh,u kena bolehkan jugak* he he.lawak je azz called haritu..terus kena attack dengan ke'emo'an dia.rupa2nya after baca message nadz,azz cuaks abes sebab she can't come to all the ceremonies.tak bestnyeee!! tapi takpela azz,u kan dah suruh i jadi cameragirl every part of the ceremony nanti.dari gamba tangga sampailah ke gamba fuinki eh? he he.tu yang semalam sempat gossip ngan nadz.she came over to my house.sempatlah gossip pasal ejen perisikan earlier on sabtu dei.nervous nadz dibuatnya..kena sabar menanti kat atas sorang2.kalau i was there boleh kasi tenang sket eh?he he.but alhamdulillah all went well,kan ;)

so harini lepas lepak @santai.ham smsed.cakap nak jumpa jap.heeee =D *dah tau dah kenapa dia nak jumpa* upppss.. ;p she wanted to pass my birthday present.aweeee~~ thanks ham!although dah dua minggu belated =D but i am aware of ur busi-ness ulang alik ke UIA =) mula2 terkejut tengok..asal la panjangg je hadiah dia.taleh nak agak what's inside..he he..rupa2nya..

it's an arm rest =D comel giler!!

tangan sebelah lagi duk tangkap gamba.ha ha.

thanks ham~~ love the color of course.but i can't imagine myself using it at office.sure kena gelak.FYI,dahla i punya pashminar pun kaler pink~~ my officemates bagi.he he.sure orang ingat i suka not erin~~) ;p anyways,thanks a lot~~ wahh its getting warmer todei.macam nak hujan je...everytime basuh kereta...mesti hujan~~!! sheesshh..have u watched hellboy? i did~ the movie was ok.sebab hellboy kan selalu macam funny2 bodoh camtu.but as usual..tak logic tu,perkara biasa la kan..but best je.sebab cam gempak abes time lawan2 kan.(me and my imaginations) altho saya sakit hati kat someone sebab dia turned me down.kata nak tengok..tapi dah beli tiket semua boleh plak cakap taleh datang??burned je ticket tu!dahlah kawan i yang bayar~!!! hu hu..kawan2ku..jangan sesekali buat macam ni.tak baik mungkir janji tau ;p next two weeks nak tengok cite the dark knight plak.sebab heath ledger ku berlakon.(mendiang heath ledgerku of cos!;p) this time taknak janji ngan sape2.korang nak tengok,make sure korang betul2 boleh tengok.sebab ok peeps.have a nice weekends.i need to refresh myself.its fishing hot here.much love xx

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Friday, July 11, 2008

bad mood part I

Friendster Horroscope for July 10, 2008

Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22)

The Bottom Line

Your emotional intensity could make you sensitive. Don't take things personally.

In Detail

Your emotional intensity could be getting in the way of things today, but it's important for you not to get too self-conscious about it. So if you feel like you're getting too sensitive, keep in mind that it's just the way you're processing things. People's words might feel like a personal attack, but if you dissect what they're saying in an objective way, you'll see that they don't mean anything negative by it. This is not a good day to make major decisions -- your judgment is a bit clouded.

harini bad mood giler.pagi2 dah kena marah bos.sebabnya : tak faham ape dia suruh.sebab kenapa tak faham : faham cara A,tapi dia nak cara B.masalahnye dia suruh explain ape yang kita faham cara tu.silap besar la kan.dia bebel punya bebel punya bebel.rasa macam aku ni tak dihargai.kerja selama ni macam sia2.sebab dia kata "you're wasting your time,you're wasting my time" whatde?? tak panas ke telinga?? lepas tu kena bamboo sampai aku takde mood nak makan birthday lunch harini.ofis buat makan2 for birthdays bulan 6 & 7.makanan semua sedap.tapi hati dah pecah.sakit giler.makan pun buat2 happy.makan dalam je.harini dah memang nekad giler.takmo dah berdepan ngan mister SV.not in another life.demm!tapi bila baca horroscope tu,cis! macam tau je aku bad mood harini.nekad aku semua tak jadi.sebab berlandaskan emosi.wachaaa~~ pastu pojoe called.hilang kejap mood nak marah.asyik timing call time aku tengah sedih2.katanya : lunch sabtu dei tak jadi.instead..besok!! wahhh..cepat banget!dia kata sabtu dei ada man betul pakcik ni sorang.ada je plan A plan B.sapa suruh balik dua minggu je?? sheesh~!! oh well,xpela..orang nak belanja makan,kita ikut je.. *batting eyelashes* i tak kesah.heeee =D pastu balik2 dari ofis,terus luahan perasaan part I kat big sis.dia ada kat rumah harini.baru sampai dari abg ipar dapat keje kat KL.alhamdulillah.rezeki diorang makin lama makin bagus.berkat anak tak derhaka mak bapak.hiks!dari susah payah duduk kat kelantan,alhamdulillah after a year dapat keje kat KL.bagus jugak..dapatla kakak cari keje kat sini.lagi banyak peluang ;)

yang aku ni tak cari cari lagi peluang tu apehal??huh.rasa macam nak sambung belajar la.ape kata belajar bahasa jepun kat jepun? bagus ka?? :P atau sambung belajar masters?hmmm..tengah cari uni actually.tapi tak tahu kat mana nak cari.nak lari jauh2 dari dunia nih.sebab harini takde mood.harini je nak lari.esok datang balik boleh? :P i miss someone badly harini.tapi dia dah takde.i always wonder if that person ever miss me =(

tak sempat nak sedih2...madine called.nak dekat setengah jam jugak borak2.lama tak borak gossip pasal dia dan enci wariz nya.ntah ape la nasib si wariz tu eh.haha.pastu chat plak ngan lavania.kawan baik skola rendah masa kecik2 dulu.tetiba member ajak lunch date ahad ni.weee~~ dia kata dia nak belanja chillis.wooot woott~~!! tak sabar!haishh terima kasih la kengkawan.u made my dei =) barulah terasa diri ni dihargai (^___^) senyum lebar sikit..he he.gotta crash bed.nite2 peeps.esok jumaat.


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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

hujan..hujan..tolong jangan pergi

harini sejuk..bangun pun liat giler.alarm bunyik.tengok2 dah kol 655.terkulat2 amek hp.kejut ash.konpem dia pun tengah tido.tapi at the same time terfikir,kut2 dia tengah beratur panjang shower kat hostel.hahaha.adikku,dah kena hidup kat hostel siap kena beratur kalau nak mandi.haha.kesiannn...welcome to our world bro~ :P tapi still tak angkat gak fonnye.sambung tido balik.bangun2..tengok dah kol 815.demm!!semalam dahlah tertido masa tengok cite HOUSE.tak pernah2 tido tengok cite tu.i bet i was too tired kutt :P bangun2 dah kol 11.15pm.solat.terus tido sampai subuh.tu yang rasa cam tido terganggu tuh.heuheu.

lately..masuk2 je opis dah kena buat keje.tak henti2.siap satu.datang satu lagi.bos macam nak menguji kehebatan hu.tapi aku okei je ;) kalau stress2 sangat aku lari je turun bawah pegi minum ke.tido kat toilet ke (ewwww :P) hahaha.but so far he is not being such a jerk to me.harini kena hantar siao! sah2 aku kena appraise dia kaw kaw punya.bukan sebab nak ampu.dah memang betul dia hebat.tapi kalau dia appraise aku cam hampeh.and aku still tak confirm,aku yang confirm resign.series.lepas tu plak tadi masa tengah buat keje.project manager datang sebelah,borak ngan bos.dengan tak sengajanye telah 'terdengar' bos cakap ngan project manager aku yang dia pun rasa cam nak explore dunia luar.asyek terperuk kat ofis tu buat VB.dia nak merasa gak market kat luar.maksudnyaaa...kalau dia nak 'test' market kat luar.meaning dia akan berenti tak lama lagi.MEANING!! aku kena cepat2 keluar sebelum dia tinggalkan aku terkontang kanting keseorangan~~!! erk!!heellllppppp~~!!! menambahkan nekad kat hati ni nak cabut.bukan tak suka..tapi after a while..handling clients with s0oo many questions and problems.TIAP TIAP i's the green light untuk saya mula mengatur langkah secepat mungkin.huhu.

tadi lela smsed.dia dah dapat box of happiness.jeng jeng jeng.nak tau tak rupa box of happiness tu?? ;)

nak tau ape kat dalam dia??hehe.kena tunggu tuan empunya box bagi gamba :P (although i DO have the pics of the stuffs inside ;p) dan kita tunggu next entry ;)

balik2 ofis tadi.tiba2 teringat cooker bbq aritu tak hantar lagi.punya gedabak besar tu takkan nak sumbat dalam myVI yang cumils itu.heuheu.fikir2 dua tiga kali..nasib baik big bro datang umah for dinner ANDDDD dia tengah good mood.maka saya telah mengheret big bro untuk menyorong cooker ini sejauh hampir 300m dari umah saya ke umah aunty saya :P

big bro tengah good mood walaupun dia sebenarnya kena demam campak.hahaha.

so sekarang saya sangatttt lega sebab dah takyah pikir bila nak hantar balik cooker itu.sebab nak menyorongnye ke rumah aunty sangatlah memalukan.sebab bunyi dia cam mamat indon tolak bata dalam kereta sorong.hahahaha.sangatlah mencapub.bukan menc*p** ye kak yana.hahaha.ok.gotta hit the sack.can't wait saturday.ada orang nak belanja makan ;D *u jangan lupa eh,pee.u dah janji!!*

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

san terri.grown up.hancock

finally.i'm back and alive! he he.but what a bummer..i couldnt attend dey's engagement.sad sad.little tigger's not well.getting all grumpy nak dukung je.i hope dey had a great time on this sunny dei ;) congrats kak yana~ hope to attend your wedding next year.insyaAllah =)

just a short update on what happened on last few a birthday cake from a dear friend.sedaaaappp nak mati!!it's a strawberry tart from san terri.(tiba2 teringat 'lova2' yang nadz makan ;p )

lil bro's all grown up.he's now in i took a half day off on wednesday to send him off to college.*a bit tears in the eye.coz takde orang nak gaduh ngan i dah lepas nih ;p *

but then later on friday tengok2 he's already at
nampak sangat tak boleh duduk asrama.ha watched hancock with him and nadz on friday night =) then we go lepak at A&W and LOL at 'kecepet'.=))

then the next day,brought lil tigger to the park.because he was all decided to give him some air ;)

tup2 dah hafta get goooooooddd rest.esok dah isnin! :( cepatttnyeee!! have a nice weekends peeps! i know dey did ;) much love xx

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Friday, July 04, 2008

potong steam!

steam-yx kena potong.macam siowwww~!!

sebabbb aku taknak bayar---> sebabbb net dia siyes lembap nak mati.hari2 kena tunggu load pic more than 5 seconds.which i am not happy with.i want my job fast fast fast.huuuh! demm u streamyx! tapi takpe.dah bayar tadi.sebab saya pengguna yang baik.heuheu.maka saya akan update blog nanti.pasal san terri birthday cake (yum2) and lil bro's all grown up.and dey~~~ ur dei is cominggggggg..weeehoooo~~ sila nerbes.mak nerbes ni nyahhhhhhh~~~ heuheuheu.sekian.terima kasih ;p

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

hey laylaa..u got me on my knees ;p

happy birthday flashing pun pun.may Allah bless u always and may u can flash ur flashing pun pun with bright he.cheer up babe!u still have a flashing pun pun to bright up you day.heee :D hope u had a great time at eric clapton's concert and may u have a great day!love u!! till death do us part ;p wait for your suprise's on it's way.he he xx

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hit me with your best shot

huh!sangat penat.baru lepas main guitar hero.sampai lebam!!tapi puas hati!dah lama tak lepas gian.heuheu.entah bila nak pulangkan wii :P janji dalam minggu ni.dia kata asalkan jangan ambek terus.heuheu.tak amek le~~ dun wori!tapi the casing sangat cuteeee!!kaler pink okeiii!!he he.

my band name is "shangurila" .he's actually shang-ri-la..but in japanese :P

i love lynch.she's cool!and look at her outfit.i chose the purple leather vest.hehe.kalaulah minah ni wujud.kan best?? :P susah gak main ngan wii kalau dah masuk medium level.kelam kabut jari nak tekan button biru :P

okei.enough guitar hero obsession.belum main guna guitar betul lagi.he he.anyways,went to cimb in damansara heights today.exactly across the street to azz's house.teringat time i lepak her house and i was looking outside the window and saw the road behind her i know where it is! he he.miss her la.dengar suara dia pun dah buat kita rasa nak tergelak..but yet,warm... =) takpe.lagi 5 bulan!!he he.then later tadi,after work terus teman lil bro pegi shopping baju.he's leaving for KLIUC tomorrow!! tak percaya!baru je semalam kitorang tengah discuss if whether he wanna go to private or government college.tengok2 tadi lepas balik keje,mama cakap he's already registered this morning!!alaaa..sape nak gaduh ngan saya nanti?!!!huuuu..

i just finished helping him packing his clothes and stuffs.rasa cam back to uni life or hostel life plak.pack baju,toiletries,hangers,books,bedsheet,bantal,etc.i bet it's gonna be hard for him to stay away from home.budak manja tu..mau menangis duduk kat campus sorang2.he he.haish..i am s0o gonna miss him laa..sob2.

anyways..thanks to all the birthday wishes!! azz!! thanks for singing me the song all the way from UK.dalam train lagi!i love u too!! nadz,trillions thanks (ok2.for the last time.nanti nadz marah..banyak sangat thanks :P ) nuwen~!! thanks for the offline messages,tagboard wish and all in all for making me smile when i'm sad.thanks babe!fizz,thanks for the wish in fb,texts etc.friends for life? ;) kaem,babe ku...setiap ruang yang boleh cakap happy birthday ko wish ehh :p hehe.thanks babe!ur the coolest!cepat turun kl kita lepak swimming or basketball kat umah nadz lagi.heee =D

dey,thanks for the entry!!sangat terharu!! hope to see u on ur engagement day =) feena,eija,aysha,dell,fitri,juniors,siti,gosh!i tak ingat sapa lagi yang wish.too many!! =p but to all!!thanks a thousands!!u made me happy and lesser pimples at my face.(less stress less pimples.haha.kidding.) za~ thanks for the wish,texts,and u too! :D tengah2 tengok 'wanted' pun minah ni text.he he.ingat i tak tau ur number ehhh :P alhamdulillah,i am still live and kicking.hope that all my dreams will come true.and having u all around me made me realized it's worth a living =) love ya all! much love xx

p/s: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILO.will wish u tomorrow when u're awake ;) xx

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